Sarah Yoder Handmade Holiday Cards!

Hello Friends!
Sarah here today from Life on Walnut Street!

I’m so thankful to Chrissy for letting me come over and hang out with you all today!

So…let’s get to know each other, shall we?!

 Here’s a bit about little ol’ me:
I’m a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, red-headed vegetarian who loves design and DIY crafting! I’m currently living in Northeast Ohio, on Walnut Street with my Hubbs and our two stinky little puppies!
I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. Currently, I’m in the middle of a Holiday Series over on Walnut Street (that you should totally come and check out!)
Now that it’s officially December you are most likely thinking about one of two things…eggnog or Christmas cards! (Am I right…?) Today I want to share with you a little trick to sending cute photo Christmas cards that won’t break the bank! I’m a pretty thrifty girl, myself and I’m always on the lookout for ways to save a little moo-lah (and this time of year we need to save all we can…) As a graphic designer whenever I design our Christmas cards I always like to size them at 4 x 6! Sounds simple…what’s so tricky about that…well this does a couple of things for you:
1. You can upload and have them printed ANYWHERE…including places like Target, Walmart, CVS, or even the photo kiosk in your own local drugstore…if they are a 4 x 6 then it will be the same cost as printing off standard 4 x 6 prints! Why pay $1.00 or more per card when you can pay 39 cents or so…?
2. The other great reason to print your cards 4 x 6 is that you can use standard invitation envelopes to mail them and there is not a penny of extra postage needed!
Below are a couple of examples of some cards that I designed this year!
(All family images are for demo purposes only!)
(All family images are for demo purposes only!)
(All family images are for demo purposes only!)
(All family images are for demo purposes only!)
What do you think? Cute right…? And all of these cards are… you guessed it 4 x 6.
(Now here is the part that I am SUPER-excited to share with you) 
For the rest of this week… (Until 12/07/12) as a special thanks to all of you for letting me come and hang out with you today, if you are interested in any one of the four designed picture cards showcased in this post you can get it absolutely FREE! This special is one that I am only running for followers of Chrissy’s blog! Just shoot me an e-mail at sarahlyoder (at) and let me know which design you would like! Make sure to attach the hi-res family photo that you want to use and I will pop your photo into the template, change out the family name(s) and send back a file that you can easily have printed! It’s that easy! (But, because of my holiday schedule I will only be able to offer free cards to people who contact me and send their pictures by 12/07/12)
I’d love for you to come by the blog and say hello or find me on facebook so we can keep in touch!
It’s been so great visiting with you today! Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed holiday!
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