San Francisco

San Francisco Calfornia

My daughter Frank and I recently visited San Francisco.
We enjoyed 4 family filled days.

The weather was nice (mid 60’s) and the company was perfect.

seals at peir 39, San Francisco california

We visited Pier 39, shopped, took a fun (but chilly) boat tour, shopped more, and most importantly spent time together as a family.

While we in Cali, I was able to spend national sibling day with my two little brothers and my younger sister. We had not seen each other in a long time (like 13 years long) so it was extra special.

national sibling day

California siblings

I am blessed to have two wonderful siblings in Michigan and three wonderful siblings in California.
I am also lucky to have two amazing Mom and Dads. While in San Francisco I was able to spend speical time with my Dad. I already miss him greatly.

floriano cardenas

Cardenas family

goodbye dinner

My heart is so full from the time we spent together.
I feel like a piece of me is missing when we are not together.
I am so thankful for social media and cell phones. This has been game changing for our relationships. Snapchat allows us frequent daily invites into each others day. I feel like I there with them not hundreds of miles away.

Frank was completely spoiled while we were in Cali. She got her nose pierced, shopped, had a little henna done, and even celebrated her birthday early on the streets of Berkeley California!

henna tatto

I’ll leave you with a picture from our last visit together. You may need sunglasses as my ghostly skin may blind you.


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