Rice neck warmer …

rice neck warmer


Every so often I wake up with a horrible kink in my neck
One that makes it hard to look side to side, causes throbbing headaches
And makes me beg for massages.

I woke up with one of those this week.
I can not take anti-inflammatory medication due to my Crohn’s disease
Just Tylenol
And we all know that just does not cut it sometimes.

I need heat to loosen my muscles.
I do not own a heating pad or a hot water bottle

I remembered having a heated rice wrap when I was younger.
and knew I could make my own rice neck warmer
After the kids practice last night I stopped at our local dollar general
Picked up a few bags of rice and raced home ( following the speed limit)

I took some Amy butler fabric that I had been saving hoarding for 3 years

  1. I cut out a long rectangle, about 2 feet long x 10.5 in wide
  2. I folded the rectangle in half the long way, right sides together
  3. I sewed one short end and the long side
  4. Flipped the fabric right side out
  5. I filled the tube I just created with rice, not too full or it will not mold to your body
  6. I tucked the raw edges in and top stitched it shut


fabric rice neck warmer

In less than 10 minutes I have a neck warmer

I popped it in the microwave for about 2 minutes
Wrapped it around my neck and was in a warm heaven


I even whipped up a small square one for Lenny to use as a hand warmer.


I really want to get some lavender and add that to my next one…
I am seeing christmas gifts in the future here friends…

rice hot heat

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