retrohipmama {She’s Crafty} in the house….

I know you all know Andrea by now.
She has been the raining queen of Tuesday Treasury.
Yup, that’s right she rocks.

hey what’s up Boerman buddies? Chrissy’s invited me to play over today and I’m thrilled to hang with you cool peeps of hers.

my name’s Andrea and I blog at SHE’S CRAFTY.

there’s always photography going on over there and it’s mostly of my kids and craftiness I’ve whipped up. i mostly use what I have on hand for most of my projects and this guide is no exception. I’m gonna show you how you can take a bandanna to get 4 different looks.
ready? cool, let’s go!
bandannas are all over the place these days. I like vintage and retro looking ones as well as the traditional print. go with what you like for sure.
for all of these styles, you will start by folding your bandanna into a triangle, puling one corner over to it’s opposite corner.


for the first style, start at the folded end and fold up about 1 & 1/2 to 2 inches, twice. or more depending on how much length you want hanging over the back.

place the folded side to you head and tie the ends under your hair. i like to leave my bangs exposed but you can do anything you want.

this is typically how i wear it if I’m doing housework. pretty housewifey of me, right?

this one starts the same way. but make folds at both the bottom and the tip. i try to make this one about 1 & 1/2 inch wide because my hair is short and the width makes my hair puff out underneath and i try to avoid that.
place the folded part under your hair and make a double tie at the top, i like to make it a bit to the side for a retro pin-up look.

similar to the housewife look, this one is a bit shorter in length and is good for wearing with your hair up.

last one and is a variation of the pinup look. hair up in a pony and bangs pinned back also. but tuck the ends under so they don’t stick out.
so there it is! that’s what I got!
thanks again to Chrissy for letting me come over today. hope everyone enjoyed the ideas and can put them to use while the weather is still hot!
come on over and visit me, if ya like!
smiles, Andrea (retrohipmama)
what did I tell you. this girl rocks. I mean have you ever seen anyone as cute as her rocking a bandanna… 
this is not your country bumpkin, old lady thing people, this is retro-hip-hotness

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  1. LOOOVE it!!!

    Wish I looked as smokin’ as Andrea. It seems that when I try to put a bandana in my hair… I just look like Cinderella. HAH.


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