Random thoughts…

Today I just feel like sharing the thoughts swimming in my head.

Like the fact my joints are still sore, better but sore. I am not sure the reason but hoping it goes away soon.

I have a large wedding order due next week that I am excited to finish and send out.

I sold 3 necklaces this morning and feel kind of sad shipping them out.

I am feeling less overwhelmed now that I finally have my tax stuff in order. Yikes that was a nightmare.

I am not eating in the mornings because nothing is sitting well but then by lunch time I am starving. I feel so hungry I need something fast and usually end up eating junk like little Debbie’s. Which in turn makes my stomach hurt. So trying to break this cycle I started.

My almost three-year old is having mini meltdowns now and they stress me out.

I just turned thirty and now have adult acne. For the love.

I have made my bed everyday for the last 2 weeks and feel like I should be rewarded.

I just finished reading the book through gates of splendor and feel like I need to share the gospel with everyone person I meet. These men lost their lives trying save people and here I sit in comfort when there are unbelievers all around me. Very convicting.

As Easter approaches I begin to reflect on my life and the fruits around me. Is there any? Should there me more? Am I doing enough. Does my life reflect Christ? Do people think “wow, she lives for Jesus” when they meet me?

I really need to shower now. My hair is gross.

Is it okay to switch topics that fast. Too bad I just did. I told u this is what swims in my head. Unrelated, thoughts.

Until next time,


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