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 Hi friends… please give a warm welcome to my friend Kim…………..

Hello to all of the Boerman Ramblings readers!  I am honored to be a guest blogger for Chrissy.  I love her Etsy shop and reading her blog.  I am new to the blogging world.  I blog over at Random Snippets of a Super Mom in Training as well as run a scrapbook challenge website and message board called Creative Soup with a few of my friends.  I wear many hats.  I am a wife, mom, student, and crafter.  I am also opening an Etsy store this week! 

As you can see, I am very busy most of the time.  I don’t let it get to me and I actually prefer to be busy because I get bored easily.  One way to keep all the craziness and go, go, go of my life from stressing me out is planning ahead!  The biggest way I do that is with crockpot cooking. 

August is the month where most of us begin to think about Back to School.  With that comes long days spent running here and there.  There were many nights where I would get home from being at school all day only to realize that I hadn’t planned anything for dinner.  Well, out to dinner we went!  Not only does that cost a lot, but it’s not always the healthiest option either.  I made a commitment to myself and my family that I would no longer let school be an excuse not to cook.  That is where the crockpot comes in!  Most of the recipes I have used have an 8-10 hour cooking time so I put dinner in the crockpot before I leave for school, and then we come home to a nice home cooked meal even after a busy day. There are several recipes online for simple and quick crockpot meals.  I would like to share a new favorite recipe that my family loves.

Crockpot Italian Beef


  • 3 lbs. Beef Round Steak (you can substitute Chuck Roast as well, I just used round steak because we had it already and it’s best when it cooks for a long time.)
  • 3 (1 ounce) packages of Italian Dressing Mix
  • 1 (16 ounce) jar of pepperoncini peppers
  • 1 cup of water
  • 12 hamburger buns


  • Put beef into the crockpot.
  • Add dry dressing mix over the top.
  • Pour pepperoncini and juice over the top.  Do not drain first!  (This step can be done later in the cooking process if you like a milder spice to the beef.)
  • Add water
  • Cook on low for 7 hours
  • Shred beef, remove any bones or fat, continue cooking for 1 hour. (If you did not add pepperoncini in the beginning add that now.)
  • Serve shredded beef on hamburger buns. 

This recipe will have leftovers, which is perfect for lunches the next day.  It reheats well.  I served salad and sliced watermelon with this for dinner.  I always cut up my watermelon when I bring it home from the grocery store so it is always ready for meals and snacks in the fridge.  The salad was a bagged salad and then I added a few extra veggies to it right before I served it.  So, with a few minutes of prep in the morning and simply grabbing things from the fridge at dinner time, we had a nice dinner without the stress of coming home to cook after a long day out of the house.  The last time I made this recipe I did not shred the beef after 7 hours.  I shredded it right as I was serving it and it still tasted good! 😉 I hope you try this recipe with your family!  Be sure to stop by my blog and share any crockpot recipes you have and let me know how you liked this one.

Oh my word that sounds amazing! Hoping to make it for my family soon!  Thanks again Kim for stopping by !

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