Quiet Book page exchange

quiet book page exchange

I have been trying to figure out how to present this idea I have for you.
I know it will not interest everyone
but I think am hoping a lot of you want to join in.
Yes I am going to tell you what it is
Hold tight
It’s a page swap-ish kind of party.
I have been really interested in making my kids a quiet book.
Have you heard of them?
They are a homemade soft book that can keep most kids entertained for hours
They are perfect for church, the doctor’s office, long car rides and more.
Each page is different and has fun little activity the kids can do
Here are a few examples of some pages in a quiet book


As you can see these books are not only fun but educational
You can do counting pages, color pages, fine motor skills activities and so a lot more.
SO here is the idea I have
it needs some fine tuning but I want to see if there is interest before I dig deep
I want to make a book for my kids, duh
but do not want to have to design all the different pages.
How do I get around that?
with your help of course.
Each person that signs up will be responsible for one page
well designing and making one page for everyone that signs up.
Let’s say 10 people join the “club”
and you decided to do a shoe tying page.
You would make 10 shoe tying pages and mail them out to each person
in return the other 10 people will make a page for your book!
Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?
I knew you would think so.
So before I go all organized and date setting on you
who is even interested out there?

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