praying for plaque

Praying for plaque

One of my goals for my family this year is to put others first.
One way i thought we could do that is have a special person to pray for each week.
That’s when i thought of creating a praying for plaque
Now to be honest this ideas sounds great but I needed to have something visual to make it really happen.
Last year after Valentine’s Day our local grocery store had stuff marked down 90%
so whether I really needed it or not I had to buy it.
(don’t worry i threw out that mind set for 2012)

I was for wooden blocks with paper on the fronts and a white painted back.
each block is approximately 5.5″ X 7.5″, really for only a dollar nineteen.

I chose to paint the sides of the block green along with a clothes pin

prayer plaque

I mod podged old dictionary pages to the front
I ran one page through my printer
I printed the words we are praying for…

I drilled a small hole in the back of the block and added it  to my gallery wall.

This week we have spent extra time praying for my Grandpa Cook.
Although I don’t visit him often enough, he means the world to me.
I love him dearly and it hurts me to see him suffering.
He has COPD, a failing heart amongst other issues.

Will you say an extra prayer for him this week?

Since I have 3 extra blocks..
I think I am going to make 3 more prayer plaques and add them to the shop..
what do you think?

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  1. Hi Chrissy! I just want to say I LOVE this and thank you for posting this on your blog! I made one for my Grandma this year Christmas and posted it on my blog! I directed them back to you on how to make it!


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