Pinterest Party…

I can not  stop telling you about how much fun i had at the Pinterest party my friend Jana hosted!
She did such a great job organizing, decorating and making us all feel at home!
Check out some of the cute decorations she made.
coffee filter flowers and  paper flowers with buttons, nestled in a mason jar

How about these super cute table decorations?
I did not get a picture but the table was set so pretty.
we had cute plates, napkins and matching cups.
she also made paper cones which she filled with the most delicious popcorn.

before we move on,  i want to explain what a Pinterest party is and how it was set up.

  1. Jana invited a certain number of women, i think 10? maybe less.
  2. First we each had to select a new recipe from Pinterest to create and bring to the party to share.
  3. we were each to choose a new project/craft from Pinterest. pin it on the group pinterest board
  4. create the project and bring to the party enough supplies for 4 people to complete it.
  5. Jana pre-selected (by drawing names from a hat) who would be making which craft.
  6. optional: do your hair make-up, and get dressed based on pins that inspired you.

Check out the eats, I mean yum-o
don’t worry i’ll share the pins at the end of the post for both the recipes and the crafts.

and the crafts… oh the crafts. There were so many to do
It did not matter that we were assigned which crafts to make because they were all sweet!

Here we are making vases (wrapped with rubber bands and spray painted)

my vase ready for the spray paint.
we had silver, white and a frosted spray paint.

all the vases sprayed.
Mine is the one that looks not sprayed!
we thought the frosted spray was not working because when sprayed it just made the glass look wet.
Note to self.. it does work, just give it time to dry frosted…lesson learned!

These girls are working hard on the prayer blocks and clothes pin magnets i brought!

Jen is very determined to make a perfect flower pom!
we had glue guns everywhere, so yes some people worked on the floor.

The girls are learning how make candle holders with fabric inside them.

I have displayed ALL my pinterest projects form the party in my house.
here is the paper flower i made form party.
It fits perfectly over my empty frame!

I liked it so much i made more for the other wall.
this is only their temporary home as I am going to be adding a bible verse in vinyl here, eventually!

both my vases made it onto my valentine’s mantle..
okay not really a mantle but you get it!

I love how this vase turned out!

there is one of hose led flicking candles in the fabric covered jar…

ho about my flower pom? Love it.
It was the perfect valentine’s door decor!

please ignore the Christmas wreath hanger!


Have you hosted a pinterest party? Attended one?
I would love to hear about it!

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