Pinterest … How I…

Oh Pinterest…
How I love thee..
Yes I think about you often, probably too much
I speak about you to almost everyone.
I have an alarming number of things pinned
3515 to be exact…spread over 116 boards
only to keep that number at a reasonable level i started just “liking pins”
which has now reached 593 likes

when I need a recipe I look to you first.
when I need to find something to wear I search your archives for ideas
when I want a new haircut I consult you
when I need to plan a party you are the first to get my questions.

When  a holiday is approaching I consult your expertise
I seek your advice on how to lose weight, eat better, and stay motivated
if only i stopped pinning those ideas and used them..

I use you as an excuse to make a new project
I give you all the credit for my over spending
I blame you for my slight craft hoarding

Oh Pinterest it only seems right that I because a “Pinhead” for The Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest I thank you for all you do for me..

Hi, my name is Chrissy and I have a serious Pinterest addiction…
please tell me I am not alone…

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