when i started my blog back in 2006, it was for me
an “online journal” you could say
later i shared it with a few friends and family members
at the time, the word “readers” was a foreign term to me
“stats”- say what?

now here we are 2013, rss subscribers, Google analytics in place, and pinterest board dedicated to my brand.
when i started importing my blogspot posts over to this new WordPress site
i was able to take a trip down memory lane
i enjoyed reading about our day-to-day activities
catching up on wordless Wednesday’s
and seeing my kids grow up right before my eyes

i was struck by something when reading these old posts
i was struck by the words
so many words
my posts were less about the perfectly taken picture, featured image, tags, labels, and SEO
it was content
it was life, my life

now granted things change
i now have 3 children
two , who attend school and one little to keep me on my toes all day

then i finally learned about readers
people i have never met or spoke to reading about our life
once my readers reached a certain number
my hubby and i decided to no long post images of our children on my blog
**disclaimer: I am not saying this is right for everyone, just for our family right now**

once the decision was made to no longer showcase my children
i felt lost, like i had lost my mojo
i felt like if i could not include a picture of what i was writing about then i was “fake”

until today that is
today i realized that my words can create the picture for you.
especially when sharing stories about my children
like right now
little Lenny and I are sitting in the car
waiting patiently in the pickup line
she is sitting buckled in her car seat, oh so quietly playing on the iPad
she is coloring my th perfect all purple picture of a teddy bear
her bangs are hanging in her face and long curly hair is having a mind of its own
sticking up every which way
she has left of peanut butter and jelly on the corners of mouth
which goes perfectly with the colored chalk streaks on her right cheek

thank you friends for taking this journey, that i call life, with me
I love having you along with me
it’s time to put down my pen and paper
(yes i am old school like that, i hand write a post before typing it)
it’s time to turn the car back on, i see a bright blued boy smiling at me
ready to get in the car and tell me all about his day
not before begging for an after school snack first

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  1. Hi I’m a new reader and I have just fallen in love with your blog. My sister used the scripture in your header for her communion message last Sunday and it’s one of my favourites.


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