All About Him…

I almost never do online surveys or quizzes but I saw this one on Jenni’s Blog and thought it was great. It is the perfect way to celebrate the wonderful men in our lives. It also tests how much I really know! SO here goes nothing… 1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what […]


So things have been pretty yucky around the Boerman house. I have been very sick. I have good days but mostly bad ones! Except this week things might be looking brighter…that might be because my head is not in toilet so much! SO we have told Hailey the big news and she was so excited. […]

So since the news is out…

Since the news is out I feel it’s ok to start updating the blog with pregnancy information. Yup Pregnant…Here is from when I first found out…So Jake and I were chatting on Monday September 8th about having another baby. It was agreed that we should wait or not try again at all. But boy does […]


So I was finally able to see my OB today for my “first” OB appointment…only 4 weeks late! So things were going well at first, we chatted for a second and then he wanted to hear the baby’s heartbeat. He tried several times and then stated this is normal to not hear it at 12 […]

Bad Blogger…

So I have not posted in like 3 months. I am am sorry about this. We had a very busy summer. We hung out with our Friends Kate and Bryan a lot. Also we met some neighbors we have lived by for 5 years but never spoke to. Marcia and Matt. We have now developed […]

Mega 80’s

Creative Expressions

As I have mentioned many times in the past I have started my own business called “Creative Expressions“. I specialize in Wedding invitations and programs, but I also like to make birthday party and open house invites, baby announcements, and other paper needs. I have made Seating chart signs for a few weddings, table name […]

Back from Chicago

Jake and I had a great time together in Chicago. It was nice spending time together just the two of us. This is leaving Thursday AM We started our day Thursday am going to Michigan City Indiana. We did some shopping for the kids and our selves. After a few hours shopping we headed off […]


Today is our 2ND Anniversary and we leave for Chicago on Thursday AM. I am sooo excited! I am really looking forward to time spent alone. It’s been a long time since we have done that. We are going to Michigan City first on Thursday before we head to our hotel! I’ll let ya know […]

Just a couple more random pictures of me!

I was bored on Sunday after church!