Noodle Head…

Remember this bundle of beautifulness?

  Well this is what it turned into! Oh the colors, oh the ruffles, oh the cuteness.

I was reading Anna’s blog Noodle Head and came across her gathered clutch tutorial and knew I had to make one. I read through the tutorial and almost lost it when I saw that you had to sew in a zipper. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sewing, I LOVE crafts, but I am scared of zippers. *nervous shaking* Oh man all the little teeth not to mention the special foot, are you kidding me. So I filed the bookmark away for another day. Time and time again I would see it mentioned on other blogs. Okay I said to myself let’s give it a try. Thanks to my hubby for the Joann’s gift card he gave me for Christmas; off to the store I went. (See picture at beginning for what I bought) since I am still living in stone ages and do not have internet on my phone I had to buy the supplies by memory. Not a good idea! Tutorial calls for an 8 inch zipper, I bought a 7 inch of course. Hey no big deal, it will work out fine I told myself. Are you getting the trend that late at night I am the only one awake so I talk to myself a lot?!? So I began creating the clutch adjusting measurements as I went along to fit my zipper size. 
 The tutorial Anna created is so detailed that I think even a beginner could make this no problem; as long as you buy the right notions to go with it! Well my only hiccup with this clutch when I finished it was that the credit card slots are not really usable because once I sewed it together they were too small. Some how I messed up that size adjustment. Oh well! Lesson learned.
I did make some adjustments on the design also.  I added a wrist strap and also added a jersey ruffle to the front of the clutch

Even though it was really late at night, I had to keep sewing. It was too cute to stop. I wanted to make a checkbook cover. I found this tutorial on The Sweet Life. It was similar looking to the Gathered clutch I knew it would work perfect. Again me + numbers = mistake. My cover ended up being too small for my checkbook so welcome the coupon holder:

I used these two for a few days but soon realized I wanted to make one a little larger, so back to Joann’s I went. I planned on returning the 7 inch zippers for 8 inch ones. What do you know, they don’t sell them. I bought 9 inch instead. My intention was to cut them down to 8 inch. After debating this with myself I thought why not make a 9 inch bag? I also added an extra inch to the height. Welcome the “Large” clutch.

Now as soon as I finished sewing this together I KNEW it was too big. Ugh can I get a break. Don’t get me wrong it’s cute I have been using it for a week and I love it. I still am going to try the 8 inch clutch later this week. Wish me luck please!

Size difference of the two clutches


 I am so excited to get started on the Sew A long. There is still time if you want to join. Head over to My Crafty Crap and check it out.

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  1. wow! this is so awesome. yours turned out great. I’m glad the zipper worked out for you, they’re fun once you kind of get the hang of them. 🙂

  2. Looks great!

    I found that I really like it sized 6×9. Great job with the zippers! I still have a little trouble with them. But it seems like once you get it, your whole world opens up 🙂

  3. Very cute!! They do make 8 inch zippers. JoAnn’s usually doesn’t have the best selection. I am pretty sure they have them at Field’s or you can just shorten it:)

  4. Beautiful, I love them!!

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