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So I applied f0r a job this week and have not heard back. I had to cancel the kids daycare. Today was the last day so both kids wanted to go. I did let the sitter know if I get a job soon the kids will be back. Braedon is going to be difficult as he loves going there. The first week I was home he told me he did not like me and he wanted to go to ‘Shell’s. Then the next day he said “we go to ‘Shell’s? That be great Mom”. Kind of breaks your heart. He has been going there for almost three years. I am looking forward to being home and getting a good routine. I need to find inexpensive fun things we can do. I heard that the Grand Rapids Public Museum is free on Monday’s. I have a zoo pass but that is getting late in the season. Any one else know fun things we can do for less money? Especially this winter? So if this whole thing with me staying home works out I have a few plans. I am going to join a Mom’s bible study at church called MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) that is Thursday AM. I would also like to try and attend a regular class at the YMCA as Jake is not willing to cancel the membership yet. It is very important that we keep the kids active this winter. Last winter we did not do such a good job.

So as for the pregnancy we have hit a few bumps in the road. My insurance was canceled on 9-30-08. I was supposed to see my doctor 10-6 and that was canceled thankfully as the Doc was out. I did not know my insurance had ended until I returned from that appointment. So I rescheduled for 10-14 but might have to cancel that until I hear if I was added to Jake’s insurance. I added myself online Tuesday but you never know if that works well. For the next bump…my OB does not par with his insurance…*tear* for those of you with multiple children, you might understand my sadness. To have the same OB each time is wonderful. Since I am already late for my first OB appointment I might have to find a new doctor. That makes me so nervous. SO the last disappointment this week…Jake insurance sucks! I am thankful we have it, do not get me wrong. I am just scared about all the copay’s and deductible and the only 90% coverage of a delivery and hospital stay. Some of you might remember I was admitted one week before Braedon was born as my kidneys were failing to work correctly and with Hailey I had kidney stones and Gall stones so I was in the ER all the time and had surgery a few months after she was born. SO I am nervous about all this.

Ok enough with our sad news. We still get to look forward to new life. What a surprise, what a shock, and what a blessing! Let’s all cross our fingers it is not twins…


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  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for twins!!! Yay..I love babies..especially other peoples!!!
    Oh, fine…1 baby is quite enough.
    Hang in there..
    And if you need help choosing a class to take at the Y–I can help.

  2. Hey Chrissy,
    this will all work out…God has great plans!! I will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.
    Also if you do have to find a new doc you should check with Dr. Tim Murphy, he is GREAT!!!

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