my vinyl birdcages … from Chickadee Vinyl

I have been doing my best to ignore all your sweet comments about my bird cadges
in the most loving way of course! 
I love how observant you all are! 

I wanted to wait until the perfect time to share with you about my new love

Let’s start back at the beginning shall we…
it all started when we started to simplify our walls.
by simplify I mean stop making our walls a shrine to our children.
Yes we were that family, that had a photo of one of our kids on EVERY wall.

I do however like having art and things on the wall just less shrine like!
The first wall I changed, is now the frame wall. 
I have to say for a while it was my favorite wall.

I later removed a giant frame full of wedding pictures and added a family vinyl phrase

Next I removed the two kid pictures that surrounded our TV, since we now have 3 kids it was not working.
this left me with a awkward blank wall
although perfect for self portraits.
it needed something more.

That’s where Chickadee Vinyl comes in.
While browsing Stacy’s etsy shop
I found just what we needed,
well okay what I wanted!

I know what you are thinking…
amazing right!

so I ordered the cages all black, 1 bird teal (to go on the beige wall) and 2 birds beige ( to go on the teal wall)

I did this all without the hubby knowing, I was unsure what he would say about giant birdcages on the wall.
I anxiously waited their arrival.
Remember how you felt when you were like 6 waiting for Christmas morning?
that’s how I felt when I saw this on my door step…

Inside this pretty little package was all this..

Are you ready to see them on the wall …

Here is my before…

and now the first cage is up…

When the hubby got up from his nap he saw this.
and he liked it.
I told him the other two cages were going to go on the opposite wall.
He felt that he would like the cages to be a statement piece and not a theme for our room.
I agreed and we chose to place all three cages together.
Although the other two birds were beige we thought it would give a subtle hint of of color.
the beige was the exact color as our wall and you could not see them at all!
I mean really what are the odds! 🙂
so we chose to hang the cages empty. I am planning on making a little sign with the left over birds.

and let me tell you we love them, they were easy to hang, a very high quality product.
and Chickadee Vinyl is amazing to work with…

What do you think?
I am sure you love them as much as me!

Stay tuned tomorrow I may or may not be hosting s a sweet giveaway!

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  1. Wall Stickers are becoming so in now, in homes. They’re very creative, easy to use and you can do them yourself. There are multiple themes, to go with a natural theme is always great. It gives also a 3D feel to the interior which is very cool.

  2. Love these sooo pretty!!
    I have cathedral walls, so I know these are gonna look great at all “different” lengths.

  3. VERY cool! These are super cute! 🙂

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