My Valentines Day…

My Valentines Day did not quite look as I had suspected
The kids were supposed to have Dentist Appointments at 8:00am but due to the fact that STILL had a fever, 
not just a little fever,
a temp of 103.2 degrees, we had to cancel. 
Hubby is usually home to help on Monday’s but he had to pick up an extra shift. 
So our morning consisted of lots of whining, from me, Motrin, and water. 
hubby was home by about 10:00am 
He knows me so well, I got the perfect gift for Valentines Day.
Chocolate and a chic flic!  He knows how to make my heart melt.
and the fact that he let me sleep form 10:30am until 3:30pm! 
by late afternoon our Valentines day started to look like this
Mister B on one side of the couch, me on the other
Poor guy, caught Mom’s cold. 
I am finally fever free today, thank goodness it only lasted 4 days!
 *sarcastic laugh*
I am praying Mister B’s goes away a lot faster. 
Also praying no one else catches it
On a happy lovey Valentines Day note,
I did get a special Valentines Card in the mail.
yes, can you believe it a Valentine’s for me 
from Nichelle at Vintage Wanna Bee
She even added a coupon code for all her BFF’s, yup she said BFF’s
I can not wait to order something! 
Okay really how sweet is she. 
What a way to make a sick girl feel great.
Thanks Nichelle for the sweet Valentine!
If you have not been there yet please visit Nichelle’s blog

and also visit her cute Etsy shop

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