My Shepard …

words from my personal journal

I am sharing with you words from my journal.
personal words that reflect my heart.
because these words are from my journal, there is no rules, grammatical rules, punctuation, sentence structure, or story outline..
just my words, my thoughts, my interpretations…

Journal entry 2-17-13

My Shepard:
thoughts based on Sermon by Jim Samra on Psalm 23

God does not leave us in the wilderness.
Although we travel into it, and through this wilderness, God will bring us out of it.

We are currently studying 2 Samuel as a church.
We are in chapter 5.
Here David is emerging from his dark path; God is opening up some amazing paths for him.

While David is in this dark pit it makes us wonder if this is when he wrote Psalm 23.
Let’s take a look at Psalm 23 together bit by bit

My personal prayer before we start.. “Father I don’t know why I feel in awe of this sermon. You work all things together for my good. You are truly amazing in the way you plan my devotions. I am listening Lord, listening for what you have for me to hear.”

In this psalm David is focused on the Lord himself, as a person.

*the Lord is MY shepherd
            He sees our individual needs, he knows us by name

*I shall not be in want
            I will not be lacking for anything I need
            He does not say I do not or will not want It’s saying we will not stay in need

*He makes me lie down in green pastures, and leads me be still waters
            imagine this as if God makes us lay down
            as humans we have a hard time sitting still
            we are always trying to fix everything, gain more, work more
            but God wants us to slow down, to rest, to lay down
            God gives us plenty to eat and drink

Psalm 23:1-2

*He restores my soul (ncv states gives me new strength)
            when God brings us out of the wilderness
            He restores our soul, emotional, physically, and spiritually
            through comfort, peace and grace he puts us back together

*leads me in paths of righteousness for his names sake (ESV)
            anyone can win the battle if they listen to his strategy plan
            God is a good shepherd and leads us down the right path.
            God has it all planned out

here we see a change in David’s writing.
He is not writing to the Lord not just about the Lord.

*Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil
            a shadow can not hurt you, has no power over you
            it can however make your path dark and confuse you
            although sometimes his light and warmth feel distant, God is right next you us
            He will never let us go, he is walking with us

* your rod and staff comfort me
            your rod protects me, your staff provides food, comfort, and guides me

* my good shepherd was preparing a table before me
            He doesn’t just give us what’s right there, he has been preparing something        perfect for us.

*in the presence of my enemies
            this is the image of peace
            when we should be overwhelmed but are at complete peace

*my cup over flows
            God is anything but stingy, with money, community, answering prayer
            He is generous to us
            Especially with the forgiveness of our sins

psalm 23:5

* my good shepherd was preparing a table before me
            shepherds used oil to calm the sheep
            God whispers, do not be afraid, I am with you

* Surely goodness and mercy/steadfast love shall follow me all the days of my life
            Hebrew translation for surely = only
            When we get out of the wilderness all we see is goodness and love
            To follow = persevere /hunting us down -> with love, goodness, and faithfulness

*I get to dwell in the Lords house forever
            we have the gift of eternal life if we believe, obey, repent and trust in Jesus

how did I even get where I am at today
My family? My friends? Jobs? Church? Community?
If it was left up to us we would have nothing

The Lord is my shepherd
He has led me all the way
He has guided me and protected me

If you are still traveling through the wilderness today
Psalm 23 is a promise you will get through it
This will be/is my psalm!

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