Oh Monday…what a boring day. I know the weather was great and we should have participated in all God created today. Well we kind of hung out inside today. Nancy was in Jammies all day and Jake, Nancy, and I all took naps. After naps Jake and Nancy obsessed with Rockband in the basement and I prepared dinner. What a life!
SO Tuesday was supposed to be my first OB appointment. I received a call at 11am today to confirm my appointment. Then at 3pm the called to cancel and reschedule. AGH. This happened last week too. So I tried t reschedule my appointment for next week but they said the doctor was out for a family emergency. I understand this happens. They offered me an appointment for Wednesday at 2:30pm but it’s in Caledonia. So I took the appointment. After I got off the phone and notified Jake he said NO WAY. He hates that I drive to the new Metro as it is now but Caledonia not happening. So I am going to cancel the appointment and move it to November as that is there first opening anywhere else. That will make me 3 months before I even see my doctor. Kind of setting a bad tone in my book. Jake thinks I should find a new doc but I am not sure what to do right now.
So as for tomorrow now looks like I am bringing Frank to school. Then off to a bible study at church by 9am. Then home for lunch. After lunch naps for N and I. Then after we get up we will play a game and then start dinner. Trying a new recipe called Easy Chicken Bake. We’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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