moments of jealousy…

moments of jealousy… seem to visit more often and stay longer.
I am not sure why these insecurities keep coming back. 
What am I having these insecurites about you ask? 
My blog. Yes my little ol’ Boerman ramblings. 
I know that I am so very fortunate to have this blog 
and have the {160+ followers} I already have. 
yet there is little nag living inside me 
that makes feel that my blog is not good enough.
I follow a lot of blogs, probably too many! 
I find myself second guessing my content, my posts, my pictures…me
How do they get so many followers?
How do they get people to join Linky parties
How do they afford to wear such cute clothes?
How do get to host such awesome giveaways?
How do they get people to enter their giveaways?
Then I remember to take a few steps back. 
I take a moment to pray about it.  
Asking God to remove this insecurity, to help me be content and grateful for what I have and who I am.
I am…I am so grateful for ALL my followers.
I mean really you are all here for little  Ol’ me.
I am thankful that so many of you visit often, even daily. 
I appreciate all of you, I truly do!
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  1. I adore you blog love! But I have to say, I have to same feelings at times. But I am sure that you’ll be a “big dawg” one day!!

  2. i love your blog, i am pretty new to this and really like it, i am sure you will have more followers, but i also think you are not so insecure after all, since ou have the guts to blog about how you feel and as long as you express your feelings thn all is well

  3. I love your blog. (Seriously, I wouldn’t have clicked follow unless I really did love it. I am a blog snob.) :]

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