what she might look like

I think at one point in our lives we all envision what she might look like. i have struggled with this ideal person for most of my adult life. what the bible says is not what society says and my own perceptions added in only make things a lot more complicated! this is what society shows us the ideal housewife should model after.

modern unrealistic housewife

this my friends is unrealistic, inappropriate, and darn right wrong. in my own mind i picture her to look put together, always happy, being surrounded by her smiling children, her husband staring at her from afar. again this is not reality, it’s what some would call the 50’s housewife. oh but look, she looks so happy!

I imagine her always wearing a dress, her hair is curled, she wears a necklace and high heels while cooking, cleaning, and folding laundry. there is always baked goods in her home, and dinner is never burnt or served late. again i know theses are my expectations and not what the Lord whats from me.

to be honest i can not post a picture of what she looks like. we each look different and she is you and she is me!


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  1. Last two sentences were perfect. 🙂


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