may goals

may goals

It’s time for May goals. Before we can look at may let’s recap last month. April came and went. Too fast I think. Although I did get a lot done, I felt like the weeks moved too quickly. I have really enjoyed setting monthly goals. It’s been challenging and encouraging. Let’s look back at my April goals and see how I did.

My April goals:

  1. Complete my Lenten series strong and with a heart full of Jesus : Completed and strong I feel!
  2. keep on on my Chronological reading plan : fail, I got so far behind due to the Lenten series that I stopped all together, I am going to pick this back up for May. 
  3. finish Bedroom makeover – almost. waiting for warmer weather to paint the furniture but everything else is all set! 
  4. finish closet office makeover Done, and in love with it. 
  5. Submit 2 guest posts (one being my monthly contributor post for The Girl Creative) Fail-ish, missed my TGC post, but did submit one to A Slocum Story
  6. mail 4-6 letters of encouragement Big fail, did not mail one. I will pause right now and write a note! 

My May goals:

  1. Stay on track with my new posting schedule.
  2. Get back on track (and stay) my Chronological Bible reading plan
  3. Get out and guest post 3 times
  4. Mail 6-8 letters of encouragement via snail mail
  5. Finish all currently started and unfinished books (3 left)
  6. Take 6 walks through my neighborhood
  7. Sew something for fun
  8. Get more intentional in my prayer time

I am linking up with Hayley Morgan to share my goals.

The Tiny Twig

What are your goals this month?

How did you do last month?

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