Make your own Mouse Pad

make your own mouse pad

Before I share with you the simple tutorial to make your own mouse pad I want to share a few changes that are happening here at the Pearl.

Today starts the first day of my new blog schedule. I have simplified my categories (see sidebar for categories/topics) I have created a consistent calendar to help you know what’s going to be happening each week. I hope to stick to the schedule but also have grace in changing it up from time to time.

My plan is to share a fast DIY project every Monday. One that is affordable for all budgets and only takes an hour or less, emphasis on the less.

My first project is a mouse pad that I created for my new closet office. I am almost ready to share the full reveal, almost. Waiting on a few cables to arrive in the mail.

We do not currently use a mouse pad for our mouse. Since we have a laser mouse we are not restricted to a specific material for our mouse pad. In the new office area the desktop has a unique finish and I do not want the rubbing of a mouse to ruin it, hence the need for a mouse pad.

DIY mouse pad supplies

The supply list is simple:

  • scissors
  • pen
  • foam place mat
  • fabric, contact paper, wallpaper (via chasing paper)
  • spray adhesive – depending on material used

My kids have a pile of these “thrifted” place mats sitting in a drawer that are rarely used. I knew the soft foam one would make a perfect mouse pad.

Step 1: Start by drawing your pattern on the back of your place mat. Then cut out the desired shape.

Step 2: (optional) I used spray adhesive to attached a piece of scrap card stock to to my place mat. This added durability and also covered up the Disney princess design.

Step 3: Cut your fabric/contact paper/wallpaper about 1 inch larger (on all sides) then your mouse pad.

making your own mouse pad

Step 4: If you made a square like me, make sure to cut out corner notches in your decorative covering. This will help it fold over easily.

Step 5: carefully smooth the decorative covering on your place mat, flip over and fold the edges tightly, sticking them to the back of your place mat.

You are finished! Sit back and enjoy your work.

It looks perfecting in my closet office. Oh I can not wait to show you the finished product!

closet office mouse pad

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  1. This is adorable! So much cuter than almost everything in the store!

  2. This is SUCH a good idea! I love that you re-purposed! Your office space is gorgeous!

  3. Very cute! What a fun little pop of color for your desk! 😀

  4. Ohhh I love how it matches the wall! And I’m loving the idea of making my own mouse pad!!

  5. I really love the chevron! I like the colors a lot, I am so in need of a new one!

  6. I love yours and that really is so easy! I also have a closet office and can’t WAIT to see yours!

  7. Ohhhh… Can’t wait to see what your office looks like. Great way to make a mouse pad on the fly.

  8. I need a new mouse pad SO badly, Im glad I saw this!!

  9. This is BRILLIANT! And so cute!


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