New Years resolution…really?
I have done New Year’s resolutions in the past. I never keep them! I am the person who always mocks others for posting/blogging/status updating about them. Insert karma here…This year you can all mock me. Although I would like to call this: “Life Style Change of 2011”, (LSC’11). Sounds a lot more sophisticated I think!  What is that you ask?…What’s on my list?…Of course I will share this information with you!
One of my top ranked is to lose weight. Shocker! I know original right? But Like I prefaced this is not a 1 year resolution this is a life style change.
Intimate moment time:
While I was pregnant for Addison I lost a lot of weight in the beginning from being sick.
When I delivered her I weighed my pre-pregnancy weight. After I had her I lost weight right away, as we all do. I nursed for 15 ½ months. You would think I would have been skin and bones by now. Not so much. I nursed and thought this is the perfect diet. Then I proceeded to eat everything I could.
 Needless to say I gained my weight back plus. I never thought of my self as “over weight” (although my Wii disagrees). I knew I had a couple many pounds to lose. I had my yearly physical and my doctor said I needed to take care of myself and get to a healthier weight. …“Sirens going off”… Did she just call me fat?!? Okay reality check, I am over weight. Maybe not morbidly obese but I need to lose a good 30+ lbs. That’s the goal I have set based on the BMI scale and what my doctor thinks is normal for my height. So here it is. The horrific before picture:
Did you really think I would do that…Come on now!  I am not ready to share actual digits with you yet but I hope we become close enough where I can!  I have not created a deadline for my weight loss yet but I am hoping for sometime in the next 6 weeks months.
My LSC’11 (not in any specific order)
  1. Weight loss…30lbs to be exact
  2. Spend more time on daily devotionals
  3. Say no to at least 3 things people need help with**
  4. Read 3 educational books
  5. Blog at least 3-4 times a week
  6. Be more intentional with keeping in contact with friends
  7. Pray out loud more often
  8. Pray out loud in public
  9. Plan an annual girls weekend away
  10. Sell 30% of the crafts I create
**explanation to come in future post, I will by no means deny anyone help if they need it. I am referring to committees, clubs, classes, ect
I am not sure where this list of changes will take me but I hope only in a better direction.

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  1. Good Luck. I love #8. & #10.. 30%? better get 3.5x markup on those or you’re gonna be in the red.

    Proud to call you “Family” or better yet “Sister”

    Don’t be a stranger. We love you and your Army of Kids. Come Destroy My House Anytime, We’ll Be Happy To Have You.

  2. You’re so brave! Good for you for putting this out there! Love ya!

  3. I’m in the weight-loss boat with you. The same thing happened to me in my 3rd pregnancy. Since it’s been almost 2 years, it’s time to whip this booty into shape. I’m 5 days into my new eating habbits, and I’m STARVING!!! But I’m sticking with it, I know it will pay off soon enough, right???

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