Life is moving along


Life seems to have been moving along so fast this the last 3 weeks that I have not had time to catch up with you all.

Since I last wrote we sold our house.
We found a new one.
We moved out.
We moved into a friends basement.
We are waiting to close on new house.

Meanwhile I am commuting with the kids 40 minutes to school each day.
I’ll be honest and say the drive stinks. I get really tired and it’s wearing on the kids.
Though it stinks at times God is using this time to bring us closer together. We talk more, we sing together, we listen to audio books, podcasts, and get more Starbucks than we should.
I mean it was happy hour for 2 weeks at Starbucks how could I pass on my S’more coconut milk frappuccino. I couldn’t! SO I didn’t!

Starbucks Smore frappuccino

I was really nervous to move in with another family. God has a way of teaching us he knows what’s best for us. It’s been so fun living with our friends. We cook together, play games together, and spends hours chatting. My kids have doing all sorts of fun things with their new roommates! The ride bikes and scooters, play video games, air hockey, hunt for edible food in the woods and even catch the occasional snake or field mouse.

snakefield mouse

I can not wait for you to see our new house. I am looking forward to documenting the changes we plan on making with you. It’s not a fixer upper by any means but there are some big changes we want to make to help the house fit our needs better. Let’s just say some walls may be coming down and there will be shiplap!

Until then I’ll leave you with a picture of the beautiful tree in the front yard of our new house.

beautiful purple flowering treee

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