lies we believe about who she is

lies woman believe

there are so many perceptions on who people think “she” is.
it’s hard to discern between the lies and what is true.

when i began researching who i thought she was, i was directed to the proverbs 31 woman
*enter a screeching halt* i laughed and thought to myself, there is no way i can be like her.
I doubt I’m the only woman who finds her intimidating.

let’s look into the lies many people believe about her. tomorrow we will look in the Bible and see what God says about those misconceptions.
i searched the internet, asked friends, read books, and blogs about what who people think “she” is, and what they think a day in her life looks like:

she is passive and weak
her seemingly sleepless nights are praised
she doesn’t need sleep, yet never tires
she knits, crochets, and cross-stitches.
she decorates like Martha Stewart and actually succeeds in her Pinterest crafts.

she is never scared or frighted, she takes care of it all, so how could she be.
she is an over achiever
she has no voice
she is always happy
she makes crafts sells them and gives all her money away
she keeps her house pristine while wearing high heels
she does it all and seems to make it look effortless!
she is wife and mother, is a domestic diva, the Martha Stewart of her time

she works late into the night, “in no hurry to call it quits for the day”
she’s that perfect, tanned, accomplished, musical, impeccably dressed, shapely mom of several children who are cleaner than your two and don’t climb up the slides or throw mulch at their parents
she runs a business from home and still manages to have a clean house and feed her family well rounded meals with organic vegetables and grain fed meat
she is like a Pinterest board come to life
She rises before dawn each day, provides exotic food for her children, runs a profitable textile business, invests in real estate, cares for the poor, spends hours at the loom making clothes and coverings for her bed, and crafts holiday wreaths out of coffee filters
she says the right thing all; the time.
she is not lazy
EVERYONE loves her

eeek. can this woman be real. I mean come on.
with the internet things can seem so wonderful. all those houses with pristine white couches, white walls, and white carpet. fresh flowers, knick-knacks perfectly in place, food looking magazine worthy, clothes all from anthropology, hair that is highlighted and straightened everyday, lets not even mention her eyebrow arches.

pinterest has given a whole new life to birthday parties, Christmas decorating, and Halloween costumes.
instagram has only magnified this image of her. we get to see her perfect life daily in our news feed.

is this really what the Bible says we should be? is this really who my husband wants me to be?
tomorrow we will dig into God’s word and see how he describes woman of noble character, and discuss how society may/or may not have things skewed!

i am dying to hear if you have thought these things about “her”. do you struggle with this?

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