Let’s try this again.. here is a sneak peek at my booth…

On Tuesday I shared with a sampling of what my booth may look like.
Today I was able to set it up again
withe the actual table I will be using.

I also changed a few of the tiered holders I created.
I know, I know, just leave it alone already.
At least now I feel comfortable enough with my set up
I packed everything in the car
so I would not set it up and change it all over again!

Here is the new look…
I did use the floral sheet again but this time added the solid white table cloth on the top.
I would prefer a solid white cloth large enough to cover the whole thing
but I just don’t have that right now…

I am relieved to have finally figured out how to display my headbands.

I used a small chicken wire and placed it over a vase, added bias tape to the sides to prevent injuries
then wrapped a ribbon around it to hold it secure to the vase

For large headbands I made larger holes with my pliers
and for the skinny metal headbands I layered the wire on top of each other to create smaller openings..

easy and cheap!

I created another purse refashion today.
I am selling this one in my sale tomorrow.
I love how it turned out!

and how cute would it be with a matching wallet…

or a check book cover…

Wish me luck tomorrow…
I’ll have my phone on me and plan on tweeting the event away!
unless I am too busy ringing up customers!  (fingers crossed)

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  1. Oh gosh :)Great stuff!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!


  2. Okay, so slapping forehead…i should have caught up the opposite way. Your table looks sooooooo cute!
    #1: the purse refashion is killing me with cuteness. LOVE the color combo…yellow and turquoise…hello!
    #2: the headband holder is genius girl. genius!
    #3: you REALLY have some adorable things!
    hope you did well!

  3. Awesome and adorable! Everything looks AWESOME! 🙂 Hope it went REALLY well for you!

  4. Such adorable stuff. I need that checkbook cover!

  5. Ooooh, good luck! Looks amazing!

  6. Yay Chrissy!! Looks like you have been working hard girl!! Good job! I hope your work pays off!! (:

  7. Good Luck!

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