i am learning about her

learning about her

God has been working overtime in my heart over the last 30 days. I learning new things about her daily. things i am excited about, scared about, and challenged by.
the greatest thing i have learned about her so far is that she is not a distant historical person. no, she is right here. she is you, she is me, she is our daughters, granddaughters, sister, mother, and our friend.
you see friend WE ARE HER. and when the gospel talks about her, it’s talking about us.

romans 5:8 he loves me at my darkest

it’s the plan God has for our lives. a goal that we have to try to reach.
we will never be perfect. we will never be without fault but we can try.
we can try to make changes in our lives that make us more like Jesus.
i want to be someone who people remember, maybe not my name, or what i look like, but that i am remembered for showing Christ’s love. I want to be the light in the dark to everyone i meet. I want to be held accountable, to be made new, to be held to a higher standard. I want to live my life knowing that my father loves me and will forgive when i bring my faults before him and ask for forgiveness. he loves me even at my darkest.

matthew 5:16 let your light shine

friends, if you do not know this Jesus i am so in love with, please, please email me.  i would love to chat with you about him. I would love to share with you all the ways he has shown up in my life. I want to share with you all he is doing in and through me.

Friends, He is real, He is alive, and He loves you.


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