learning to wait

learning to wait

i am learning to wait
God is teaching me so many lessons through this house selling process

lessons i was not prepared for, not willing to accept, and definitely have not mastered
lessons in waiting seem to be the hardest for me to handle

monday we took the first steps in house hunting
we made a list of our top 4 houses, emailed it to our Realtor, and set up a time to see them
we were only able to view 3 of the 4 houses on our list
out of those 3, one house stood out
the house we envision calling ours

the catch is we can not buy this house until ours sells
we discussed putting in a contingent offer pending our house selling
immediately i had a whole plan on how i would help secure that offer
what i would say, what i would do, when i thought it was best to do it
thankfully i listened to the whispers of Jesus saying seek me first

i told my husband that after i spent time reading my Jesus Calling devotional for the day I would write up that letter and send it to our Realtor
things happen, kids plans got in the way and i “did not have time” for my devotional
i still kept to my word and did not write the letter until after i read the words of Jesus
Monday evening came too fast and i found myself at the computer finishing my hello monday post

time for bed

tuesday came and morning errands took place
lunch was served and naps were started
finally time for my Jesus calling devotional

i started by reading monday’s devotional first
this is what i read…
July 15 Jesus Calling

the first line was in all Caps and it felt like a slap in the face
i knew right then that God wanted me to wait

the second line secured the deal and allowed the red hand print to linger longer on my cheek
“this is not a suggestion, but a command”
if you have not guessed it already, i did not write that letter
i knew that God wants to take care of the plans and wants me to sit back and wait
ugh again that blasted waiting

after i finished reading mondays words, i quickly and very timidly read tuesdays
again God knew the order in which these would be read, and the timing of it all

July 16 Jesus Calling

eeek, it’s like Jesus was pointing out those ugly words i wrote in mondays post
“hello house showings, i am praying that “the” buyer has gone through or goes through our house this week. I feel like i have been hitting my patience limit earlier and earlier in the day. I pray for my kids to forget the ugly i have been showing, and that they forgive me for my outbursts”

and from friday
“If you were here for coffee i would tell you showings are the pits. I am afraid to turn one down because it could be “the one”. I just hate having to load the car up and leave for an hour when we should be eating lunch, or dinner, or when the kids should have already been in bed. eeekkk. sorry about the complaining, i just needed to get it out. I’m done.”

again all that ugly, slimy, dark self-pity I already struggle with depression as it is and leaning on my own strength will only sink me deeper into that dark hole
Jesus reminded me in that devotional, if focus on Him in trust i will rise out of the despair. Jesus will gently cleanse me, washing off the clinging mire.

as if my world has not been rocked already wednesdays  devotion sent me straight to repentance

July 17 Jesus Calling

the second and third lines speak of my sin
“the world with its non-stop demands, can be put on hold. Most people put Me on hold, rationalizing that someday they will find time to focus on Me.
that’s exactly what i did, made up excuses for NOT having time to spend with my maker, the one who i was expecting to show up and do miraculous things for me, when i did not have any time for Him.

friends, forgive me
forgive me for filling these pages with my self pity, for focusing on myself and not seeking God first.
thank you for continuing to pray for me and help me find a closer relationship with Christ

How can i pray for you today friend?

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  1. love and praying for you sweet friend!! Right now praying that this sinus stuff goes away.
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