Kernels of Kindness

kernels of kindness I am excited to introduce to you a ministry that is really close to my heart. Urban Transformation Ministries (UTM). I have nominated them for the Kernels of Kindness Campaign.

Kernels of Kindness Campaign will award 100 $1,000 grants to people and organizations around the country who bring joy and happiness to others by doing good in the community. Now let me share with you little bit about what UTM is, what they are doing, and why I am passionate about their ministry. UTM urban transformation ministires

What is UTM? UTM exists to redeem inner-city youth, families, and communities through the transforming gospel of Christ. UTM Envisions a future when the love and law of Christ permeates every heart in, and every aspect of, the inner-city.

What is UTM doing? UTM reaches out to approximately300+ high-risk inner-city children, teens and young adults in Grand Rapids on an annual basis through sports outreaches, small-group Bible studies, mentoring, summer camping, employment assistance and crisis interventions.

Why I am passionate about UTM? I am overwhelmed by the love and intentionality that UTM offers the grand rapids community. Especially through their program Man-Up.

Man-Up, assists at-risk urban young men to become self-sufficient by developing life-skills, financial budgeting, personal goal setting, and employment assistance within a residential environment, while providing spiritual and emotional support through counseling, mentoring relationships, and Bible studies. The goal of Man-Up is to challenge urban young men to become loving and responsible Dads, and positive Christian leaders in their community.

All three graduates of the Man-Up program have obtained living-wage employment, entered into the life-long commitment of marriage, and serve Christ as mentors to the current man-up The thought of young men all over Grand Rapids getting the emotional, physical and spiritual guidance and mentorship needed to live a Christ filled life is so humbling and exciting.

To see the next generation of men grow up and BE mentors makes my heart sing praises to God. Man-Up house graduates

Through the mentoring relationships and programs of UTM, many gang-members and drug dealers have turned from the streets and have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.At the same time, they coach basketball teams for the ROCK program and at neighborhood schools.

I encourage you to nominate someone from YOUR community. Someone whose impact is making a difference. Who are you going to nominate? I’d love to hear more about them.

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  1. Wonderful program, God bless your efforts! I would nominate the Pastor of our youth group (called Novation), he has made such a difference in so many lives by teaching them about Christ.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. What a great way to celebrate those who are helping their communities.

  3. What an amazing program! I would nominate my Mom. She served as a volunteer firefighter for over twenty years and now volunteers at a local food pantry.

  4. Oh wow, Man Up is an amazing and inspiring program and the perfect candidate for a Kernels of Kindness grant.

  5. Awesome program and cause!

  6. I love this, what an amazing program! I’d nominate the counselors at the help center up the street from my school….they’re miracle workers!

  7. How awesome is this! I would nominate my contact at the United Way. She is amazing at what she does and she does her job with such pride it’s contagious. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think this is a great cause! I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and I know how big of an impact you can make by serving children.

  9. I’m with Kendall! I’d nominate the leader of the women’s shelters here.

  10. What a fantastic cause, Chrissy! I would nominate Give Kids The World – they do so much here locally in FL to help children that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. I would nominate the leader of the women’s shelter in the area!

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