Journaling in style…

Late one night while sitting on the couch
iPad in hand, cell phone on my lap
my husband asks me…
what did you do before “the Internet”
now at first i was offended, i thought he was judging me for my use of late night
social media time

Yes I snapped back and got upset
then he explained himself.

It was just a question.
He knows my passion for sharing Jesus through social media and my blog
he supports that.
He just wondered when I was younger what was i interested in.
I had to think for a few minutes

“journaling and music”
back then I wrote poems about friendships, boyfriends, and family life.

I listened to country music, hard rock and even some teen pop
My husband giggled
and then said ” funny, Frank is into the exact same things now”
I took a minute to soak it in and yes, he is right
My daughter loves music, all kinds, but especially Jesus hip hop
and she loves to write.
boy does she love to write,
short stories. poems. letters.
not to forget coloring and doodling.
As i reflect back on my passions now I still see my childhood excitement in my day to day

I get excited writing in my planner, color coding my schedule
I may look over whelming to others but taking the time to doodle, fill in the agenda and color it was therapeutic for me!

I also see my passion with my blog
when I was redesigning my blog i found myself doodling the concept on paper first
I have a bazillion notebooks and journals.

each serves its purpose

one for 

  • prayers
  • #shereadstruth
  • blog post ideas
  • church notes
  • influence conference notes
Today I am giddy to share with you my newest journal..
well it’s not here yet but i did order it.
I first saw it on Amanda (royal daughter designs) blog and knew i needed one
it’s from Paper Coterie
here is a snap shot of my new journal
I wanted a journal designated to writing about influence
whether that be my influence, influence that has impacted me, ways/idea on how to influence
the cover includes the theme for the Influence conference and a bible verse that I thought fit with it.


Mark 16:15 (NLT)
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.
I also added a few instagram photos from the influence conference to help me remember all the ladies that influenced there.
I also want to share with you a special discount…

all you pay is shipping..
and for my 6×8 coil bound journal shipping was only 7.00
This is the perfect gift to give this Christmas.
you can customize them any way you like or use one of the super sweet already made templates..
you can click THIS LINK to start making your journal now.
while you are there making your journal..

might want to buy a few other gift too like: (from left to right: photo gift tags, planner, quote book)
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