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jami nato

The Lord is really doing a number on my heart during this 31 day series.
when i was planning this month of posts i had compiled a list of modern day women i wanted to highlight. they each have something unique that i wanted to share with you. I knew right away todays girl would be featured but originally i had a different bio typed up about her. one about how funny she is, that i love her clothes and her house is something i covet. but as always God shows me where my heart needs to be. He asked me to repent of my sinful nature of coveting, discontentment and insecurities. He reminded me that Jami would not want a bio of her to be a reflection of all that sparkles. She would want her bio to be about Jesus, and how he has redeemed her life. that being said..

today’s modern day “she is” may or may not be my woman crush. in a non creepy sort of way i promise!

jami nato influence conference

i digress

Jami Nato is a godly woman who i admire greatly. not because she is perfect, or dresses super cute, or has an adorable home. Not because she can recite the bible verbatim, or because she has the american dream of a family.

Jami Nato

I admire her love for Jesus. Jami’s testimony about God’s grace and forgiveness gives me chills each time i hear it. I am not going to share it here as it is her story not mine. but trust me if you are ever questioning if God is real, read her blog. time and time again she shares stories of failure, heartache, and brokenness. BUT at the end of each story she shares how she is clinging to the robe of Jesus. Holding firm to the word and using it as her oxygen.

I feel Jami’s raw emotions are what help me to know i am not alone. that even though i believe Jesus is the truth, the way and the light, life is hard. That we live in a fallen sinful world and without Jesus there is no hope.

Jami’s posts #turtlenecksoftheheart (modesty) always hit right in the center of my heart. I have a strong passion for helping girls/women find what the Bible says about being modest. #letsgetpraisy is another thing Jami started that I feel The Lord is working on in my heart. I have a love for music, especially hip hop, r&b, and rap. I struggle with what the boundaries are in my music choices. since Jami started this fun idea i have felt that The Lord is showing me he is in ALL things. even music that some may see as not appropriate. Jami challenges us to look for Jesus in songs. It has helped me hear Jesus voice no matter what music choice i make. don’t get me wrong there are still artists, and genres i keep off my playlist because let’s be honest, its not healthy for my ears. the Bible says

Philippians 4:8 (NLT)
And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

okay enough of my rambling, now head over to Jami’s blog, with kleenex in hand, and get ready to be slapped in the face with the gospel.


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