Jake’s Surprise!

So Jake left this morning at 1am for his mission trip. Little does he know I have a very bust week scheduled. I have recruited family and friends to help me do as many updates in the house I can do with out needing to consult Jake!

SO over the last few weeks I have had the role of the “naggy let’s make choices wife”. I have been bugging him about paint colors and flooring samples to types of trim. He thinks I am just being anxious about getting stuff done but he does not have the time and we have other things we need to worry about right now. But he does not know that I was asking all these questions because I have wonderful people who were willing to complete these tasks for us while Jake was away.

My parents have been a huge help. This morning they met me at home depot where I had already purchased wood flooring about 2 weeks ago. We brought the flooring to my house to settle for the night. Meanwhile my parent’s friend Lori and my little brother Mike came over and removed all the old carpet, tack strips and hundreds of staples out of the old floor and prepped it for new flooring which they will install tomorrow. After the floor was finished as far as they could go tonight everyone went home. I decided that it would be best to repaint the living room while we can make a mess on the floors! So my mom and Lori came back over and helped me repaint the living room and hallway! YEAH BABY. It looks great.

Tomorrow all the flooring should be installed and either Tue or wed we should be able to put of the new baseboards!

Jake is going to be shocked. He might walk back out thinking he is in the wrong house LOL. He has no idea I have been planning this for months! I can’t wait to show him how much we all love him and are proud of the step he taken towards strengthening his faith…

A few pictures to follow!

After carpet was removed…
My little helper…Braedon was great and did so much work!

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  1. What an awesome surprise for Jake! Can’t wait to see the “after.”

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