Jake’s going on a Misson trip…

I know I have neglected this blog and I am sorry. I have been addicted to facebook as most of you know! So Since I have given up facebook for lent I am promising to update the Blog as much as I can!

What’s new… Well Jake is leaving for a mission trip to Guatemala this Saturday. He will return on my birthday. ( march 7th) We are s excited for this new adventure he is about to take. What a journey it will be.

As for Hailey well she lost another tooth…so that makes two now! She has started taking a beginners Spanish class after school on Mon and Tue. She seems to really enjoy it. She is doing great in school which does not surprise us.

Braedon is getting so big and his personality is enough to fill a room! He is loud, obnoxious, and always wants your attention. Guess he takes after his Big sis. He has an amazing vocab already which is great. His manners are awesome! and he loves to read to. He can count to 10. Sometimes without help, but most of the time he forgets the number 6.

I am large and in charge right now. My belly feels as though it can not grow anymore. But I still have two more months to grow! The baby is doing well. She is moving ALL THE TIME, and I mean that literally. We have decided to not name her Hope but we are keeping her middle name Elizabeth. We are not sharing the new first name. Hailey will be the first to know after she is born. The we will notify everyone else via facebook…just kidding.

So here’s to 40 days of no facebook!

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