it’s time for { Fat Friday }

It’s time for yet another round of Fat Friday!
I find it ironic
that last time I posted a Fat Friday post 
I may have happened to mention that it never gets comments and has little traffic.
The post received lots of comments and higher than average visits
So last week what happens?
I get too busy planning for my girls weekend
that I forgot to to do my Fat Friday post.
I am so sorry, please do not give up me.
I am actually scared to weigh in today.
I have been extremely over eating poorly
and have yet to start working out.
My husband has been doing a fantastic job of trying to keep me accountable without making me feel insecure.
{ He loves me just the way I am! }
I wonder if I keep rambling here will you get sick of it and just move to the next blog in your reader
and forget all about how much I might gain
Funny how I am writing this post before I actually step on the scale.

Enough already…
I gained weight 2 weeks go so let’s hope for no change or a HUGE loss
(fat chance, no pun intended)
drum roll please….

Yes, I did it again…
I gained weight again… 0.7 lbs.

Bringing me right back to 142 even

Okay now it’s go time.
no playing, no laziness, no excuses

Eating better and exercise are in my immediate future.

see you next week!
feel free to link up with your weekly weight progress..
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  1. Not terrible! If you’re anything like me, it’s much easier to lose in the warmer months when it’s easier to be active without technically exercising. You’ll be fine!

  2. Not so bad, just back where you started. Just pretend the last few weeks never happened! lol I have yet to lose a full pound in a week. Ugh! Hang in there!

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