It’s almost time.. a sneak peak of what I have at my booth

I am not sure how to even describe the emotions running through my body right now.
I know that I am excited for Girls Night Out (GNO)
but I also know that this constant state of nausea that I feel
is not a pregnancy thing ( I am NOT pregnant)
I guess I will have to blame it on the GNO.

Remember the sign I made for it?

 Yeah, pretty cute right?
Oh wait can I say that about my own project?
Well I just did, didn’t I!

See this GNO is making me crazy.
It’s making me act all sorts of weird.
Just ask my Hubby.
I was dancing around the house earlier with a pink elastic ruffle headband across my forehead
singing some worship song in my best rock voice!

I think the biggest stress-er for me is my table set up.
I have never done this before so I am not sure what works best.
Plus, I don’t even know what the space limits are.
So that makes things a little difficult.

I guess I will just wing it!
Kind of wing it anyway.

I made a few table set up options the other day.
I did not have all my table cloths at the time so I just used what I had.

My original thought was to use this vintage sheet I got the other day, it’s way cute
but I learned quickly that it was too busy for my taste..

It’s has great colors, but my clips were getting lost on it.
(these are my new wedding edition clips)

Hy Hubby suggested just using a white table cloth since my items were full of color.

I did not have the right size table at the time when taking this picture
SO I had to set up another table next to it to estimate where things will be spaced out.

My rings and Cozy Blossom Pins fit perfect into their new homes!

And now my pride and joy.
My Rosette Bib Necklace holder.
My Hubby and I built this beauty together.
I just need to finish painting it white.
I had to try it out and show you first.

I used clothes pins to hang the necklaces!

I really appreciated the help I received on Facebook last week
I asked for color combo ideas for new necklaces and the response was inspiring

Check out the new necklaces!

Let me know what you think!

I did close my shop today and will reopen it on Saturday.
As all items listed in my shop are already made
I will be taking those items with me to the GNO.

Thanks again for all your support!

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  1. It looks so great! I know you’ll sell lots. I wish I lived closer because I would SO be there. Good luck and no more stress!! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait till your shop reopens bc I’ve got a want list now!!
    This is great Chrissy! I’ve been wanting to do a girls night out, but have been too chicken.
    Good luck and sell lots! (and have fun)

  3. OMG I’m doing a craft fair in September. This post helped me and inspired me OODLES!! I’m goin to have a craft fair linky party… Please link up!

  4. EVERYTHING looks AMAZING!!!! Love all the color combos and i love how you set up your table!.. ps that SIGN is AMAZING!! I want one heheh

    XoXO Andrea

  5. Loving the white/teal bib necklace! 😉 hehe. Everything is looking good! 🙂

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