Instagram friday #9 -coffee date

instagram friday coffee date

It’s been a few weeks since our last coffee date / instagram recap.
I’m glad to be back here with you day.
Before we begin digging into the week let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, We are so thankful for this time we get to share together. Thank you for the gift of life, for redemption, for salvation, for love, and especially for grace. Lord, we are sinners who fall short daily, sometimes hourly, but your grace gives us hope and and a future. I am thankful for this gift. Help us to be a light to those around us, help us to see others through your eyes. May those who do not know you feel the burden of life without you, may they reach out to someone and ask the hard questions, may they be interested in all your ways. You are Holy, Holy, Holy and we praise your name forever, amen.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and wonderful new year. We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. I feel refreshed and recharged. Ready to tackle 2016.

I recently finished reading or shall I say re-reading my favorite book. the first time I read this book I took about 4 pages of notes, this time I had a similar amount of notes but they were different. I love how the Lord can use the same material and speak so differently to us. This book is nonfiction but filled with so much biblical truth and spiritual guidance. I highly recommend it. I am reading for the first time the companion book and it’s proving to be on par with the first book.

A Story about the Spiritual Journey by Sharon Garlough Brown: ~ story of four strangers as they embark together on a journey of spiritual formation

I love getting a new planner. I love filling in the months with birthdays and important events. Yes I use my google calendar everyday, but there is something about having a paper calendar that makes it feel so much more official, and I get to add washi tape and stickers to make it pretty. This new planner is from Target it’s made by Sugar Paper. It’s perfect for what I need. I especially love that each weekly page has a place to add in goals, to-to list, important meetings, calls to makes …ect. It really help keeps my life organized.

Sugar Paper 2016 Planner

This is a quote from the book Sensible shoes that I have been “chewing” on all week. It has helped me to stop and think about why certain situations cause uneasy emotional reactions. I have learned a lot about myself through this.

Learn to Linger with what provokes you. You may just find the Spirit of God moving there. From the book sensible shoes by Sharon Brown.

So I embarked on this crazy after Christmas and New years target clearance frenzy. I am not kidding. I have been to target 4 times in the last week. Each time I have left with no less than 6 bags and have not spent over 18.00 at one time. I learned my tricks though some awesome instagram ladies that share amazing deals, tips, and secret tricks. Check out my latest haul. And those brown fur blankets I got for $2.49 each. You best I bought all the ones they had in stock.

target clearance haul #targetclearance

target clearance finds

Winter has FINALLY arrived in Michigan. We have a decent amount of snow, still way less than usual but enough for the kids to enjoy and me not to have to stress when driving. The temps have been bitter cold this week though. I thought by wearing my spring colored plaid shoes I could make it feel warmer but that ended up being a fail.

five below plaid shoes

I gotten around to using the cute cup little Lennie bought me for Christmas. I love the chalk label that is on it. I wanted to keep myself motivated and focused on tasks yesterday so I made sure to add an appropriate name to the cup #boss.

#boss chalk label jar cup from dollar tree

How was your week?
How can I pray for you?

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