Instagram Friday #7 – preparing

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I am preparing our hearts and house for Jesus birth.
More in my house and with my baking. Definitely not outside here in good ol’ Michigan.
I saw a guy riding a motorcycle yesterday…in December

This week has flown by. I feel like we have had something on the Calendar for everyday this week.
I hope next week slows down, I am not sure I can keep up.

On to the instagram recap


fresh baked bread I baked bed the night before and ate it for breakfast, toasted and with butter. YUM

Elf on the shelf idea Sheldon thought he was sneaky hiding in the silverware drawer.


elf in the shelf in coffee pot Sheldon almost lost his life this morning. Hiding in the coffee pot is not a safe place.


elf on the shelf hiding in coat hood Sheldon trying to hitch a ride with Lennie to church.


dessert and devotions It’s our dessert and devotion day and Sheldon brought us ingredients to make a yummy dessert.

hot cocoa chrissy boerman Is 7:45am too early for hot cocoa with sugar cookie creamer, whip cream, and sprinkles? I think not.

#risingtidechallenge Rising tide society Starting my morning surrounded by christmas colors, fresh flowers, and most importantly Jesus. #makewavesmonday


#risingtidesociety #risingtidechallenge I joined in with the Rising Tide Society’s Instagram Challenge this week. First we had to post a selfie and share 5 facts about ourselves: 1. I love Christmas music 2. I have crohn’s disease 3. I love love love baking 4. every friday during the school year is date day for the hubby and I 5. I cherish friendship

molasses and frosting cookie Enjoying a homemade molasses cookie – requested by the hubby


chocolate covered spoons I made chocolate covered spoons to go with a some gifts for our small group.

reflecting and preparing for Christmas devotion Reflection on 2 Timothy 3:2 “Everyone who wants to live as God desires, in Christ Jesus, will be persecuted.”
If we choose to live like Christ, the best our sinful self can, we should expect persecution. We have to remember that persecution looks different for everyone. And none is to be disregarded as not “bad enough”. We are each tempted, mocked, excluded, hurt, and beaten in different ways. But its all for Christ. So that no one should boast. Let’s rally together and pray for one another. Praying that each of us will withstand and remain firm in our faith no matter the persecution we face.

rising tide challenge day 2 Today for the #risingtidechallenge we are to share an image that shows our signature style. Honestly i have been stressing about this all day. What is my brand style. I guess i am still learning. For now my style is life as is. I love food esp carbs here is a yummy cupcake i made.


#lessworkmorelife Less work more life Today’s Rising tide challenge: One of my favorite jobs as a mom is playing with our elf. My kids run from their rooms in the morning to find @sheldon_was_here. I am thankful for days when #lessworkmorelife is my focus. I’m not always good at it but I try.

How was your week?
How are you preparing for the Holiday’s?

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