instagram Friday #2

How is it friday again already.
I feel like I was just writing the first instagram friday post yesterday.
*slow the clock already*

Our week was like crazy full.
At one point it even felt overwhelming.
Everyone survived, no one was lost, and I am pretty sure everyone was fed.
That’s a win right.

essential oil pain cream and peppermint
I ended up getting a migraine last week. I was determined to not let it win. I used my essential oil peppermint roller ball and essential oil pain cream to fight back. and Yes, I won!

dessert and devotions
We started a new thing recently called “dessert and devotions”. It’s a way to help our kids get excited about family devotions… this week we called it “donuts and devotions”.

magic eraser
My kids seem to forget where there there papers are and color all over the my table. So I let the magic eraser battle my coffee table this week. As you can see the magic eraser won!

too much candy
#thestruggleisreal Being a mom of three kids who trick or treated is not for the faint of heart. We have SO much candy.

And then sometimes this is where you work. Sitting on the living room floor at the clean coffee table, writing blog posts, eating cream chicken ramen, and watching criminal minds. #lifeofablogger

That’s about it for my week. I can’t wait to share next weeks photos. We have a fun party planned and the pictures should be fun!

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