Influence conference picture recap…

I am still working on writing post to recap my time at the influence conference.
I can not wait to share with you all the things i learned.
Before we get down to the business part of the conference I want to share the visual part!

First things first…
Let’s start with the awesome strangers friends I rode to the conference with

I had never met these ladies in “real life” until the day we left for the conference. I can truly say that each one is a sweet heart and has a deep love for Christ.  We had amazing conversations to and from the conference. I look forward to hanging out with each of them again! Especially since we all live within 30 minutes of each other . who knew!

my roommates…
oh my roommates.
I really love these girls.
We have been friends online for a while.
So to actually meet them face to face was a huge blessing. To actually hug the girls I have been praying for was overwhelming but joyous all at the same time.

Amanda: Many of you know my obsession with Amanda Lynne Designs. I now not only have an obsession with her jewelry but I have one for her also! We pretty much never left each others side the entire weekend. Yup we even shared a full size bed! Amanda was very much impacted by the conference and has some amazing new things headed for her blog/shop. I can not wait for her to share them all with you.

Rebecca: If you ever wanted to know how to network when it’s out of your comfort zone ask this girl!
She worked it, for realz yo! I swear there were Better Life bags everywhere I turned! Her bags were a huge hit during the conference. I suggest you take a second to read about why she does what she does. I did not get to spend a ton of time with Rebecca this weekend but since she only lives a few hours away I am sure I will be seeing more of her soon!

and Julie.. of Julie: Julie and I have chatted online, stalked each others instagrams, and commented on Facebook. But to finally meet in real life was the coolest thing ever! Julie has the cutest blog out there. and I am excited to see how God grows her blog and photography business. Since the conference Julie and I have chatted daily. sharing ideas, helping and encouraging each other. Julie is the smallest little ball of fire.

I enjoyed all the late nights we had hanging out, blogging, brainstorming, processing and so on!
Besides my roommates there were a few other girls that stayed up super late with us!

This ball of Sass:

Yes I will be sneaky and take awful pictures of you, post them to instgram with a trending hashtag and then repost them to my blog.
you’re welcome
This friends is Brittany otherwise know on the intraweb as Naturally Estes
Her sarcasm and laughter had me smiling the whole weekend.
here are a few pictures i stole borrowed from her blog!

My dinner date/shopping buddies!
bottom picture:from left to right Mary, Aimee, Carly, Me, Brittany and Julie in the front!

One of my new blog crushes: Kara-Kae from Mom Diggity

10PM dinners at the cheesecake factory!
we may have eaten here more than once during the weekend!

hanging out, waiting for sessions to begin!

we were blessed by so many great speakers.

and yes I did have a migraine one day but powered through. after being bathed in prayer from family and friends the headache went away!

The sashes handmade market was as one person called it “Etsy in real life”
I bought a few things for myself and my oldest daughter!

I received super sweet roomie gifts:

Yes mam i was able to meet Casey Wiegand, and yes she is the kindest person ever!

Of course you remember my creeper, star struck picture?

I did finally get the courage to talk to them!

Jami Nato / my true blog crush
 Emily Anderson / my other true blog crush

My all time favorite photo from the weekend was the last one we took
this was right after we were rushed outside because the fire alarm was going off!
Don’t worry it was a false alarm, darn hockey players!

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