Influence Conference: Get to Know me, Part 3 ABC’s

So this week we were asked to share some ABC’s about ourselves… Yikes
This is a long list so bare with me!

A- Accent you wish you had:

Sometimes I wish I had a British accent. I feel like everyone that has one sounds amazing!

B- Baking or Cooking?

Baking by far. Just ask my hubby. I would rather bake all day, then cook one real meal!  Please, now you know why I can not rid of my spare tire!

C- Can’t Get Enough…..

Chocolate! Salted caramel mocha to be exact… perfect combo!

D- Drink you can’t go without

Water. I really do love water. NOT bottled water. Fresh, non-hard, country water. My parents water to be exact!

E- Emotion you get when those Hallmark commercials come on

I would say happy, not over joyous, not emotional. Just happy!

F- Fictional Character you relate to

To be honest this one stumped me… maybe miss piggy.. like to look nice, rarely do, a bit assertive, but really loves my man!

G-Guilty Pleasure

I would say Gossip Girl… and yes… totally ashamed… staying strong and NOT going to watch the last season!

H- Hometown

Rockford, MI

I- Ice Cream Flavor

Cookie dough… is there any other flavor? Well now that I can not tolerate dairy well (crohn’s) I like to get the So delicious coconut cookie dough (dairy free, gluten free)

J- Jumpstart Go To (aka how you get your day started)

Getting out of bed 6am, making my bed, getting dressed, and reading the Word.  #hellomornings

K- Keepsake Item

Letters my hubby wrote me when we were dating in high school!

L- Life Verse(s)

Ephesians 2:8-10 I actually just put this verse on our living room wall…

M- Memory that makes you smile

Going to Michigan’s Adventure with my family

N- Non-fiction writer you want to have dinner with:

John Piper, Richard Foster, Mitch Album (does he count?)

O- Opulent Item You Want (something that is way out of your price range)

A house with 4 bedrooms and at least 1.5 bathrooms! 

P- Pattern You Love

Polka dots. They are always in… You just change your color combo and back into the lime light!

Q- Quirk You Have

I hate when toys/blankets, stuff is scattered all over at the beach!

R- Relaxing Spot

The beach… really… my kids pretty much keep things tidy there and we could stay at the beach (Lake Michigan) all day… and sometimes we do!

S- Snow or Sun?

Umm… hello Sun…did you not read my last 2 answers… geesh!

T- TV show you miss

Mr. Belvedere

U- Unique Fact about You

I am the whitest, half Mexican you will probably ever meet!

V- Valentine’s Day …big deal or not?

Not really, as long as you get me something!

W- What’s Your Love Language?

…again refer to the previous question.. Gifts

X- X-Factor Song You Would Sing (side note: I don’t watch the show…)

Amazing grace

Y- Yoga or Not?

Yoga.. I think?!?

Z- Zealous Dream You Have

To own my own all in one bridal consulting store. A one stop shop for every bride on every budget! 

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