imagine me set free…

imagine me set free

today i am heading to a women’s conference
it’s called imagine me set free by Pat Layton
i am looking forward to be being surrounded by women ready to focus their hearts on Jesus
and to see the transformations that will take place.
i thought it would be a good idea to look over the brochure one more time
i wanted to prepare myself for what was going to be taught
i needed time to prepare my heart for what i would learn.

i took a few notes while looking things over and wanted to share my thoughts with you..


-embracing PEACE WITH YOUR PAST that allows you to move freely into all that God has for your life- the Lord has recently freed me from my past. allowing me to seek forgiveness from a sin that i had done over 10 years ago. I knew the Lord had forgiven me for this but in order to finally be free from it, i needed to own up to my mistake. I needed to seek forgiveness from the person i wronged. God had prepared both our hearts for the conversation that was about to happen. He allowed both of us to be at peace and feel no anger, heart, or resentment. I am praising Jesus for the outcome of the conversation, for a loving, respectful, closer relationship.

-experiencing PURPOSE IN YOUR PRESENT circumstances, relationships, challenges, and life celebrations- too often i find myself questioning my purpose, my task, and my path. I am not always sure i am qualified. I often feel like i am not the best person to be doing the job, to even write my blog. i think “am i, a huge sinner, supposed to sharing Jesus with you?” there are 100’s of other blogs out there with more qualified, Godly women, that you could be reading. why me, why my story. this friends, is the lies i hear from Satan. lies i will not let define me.

-expressing PASSION FOR THE FUTURE that God has promised and planned specifically for you- I am looking forward to learning how to embrace my future. how to be a passionate about the unknown. I know the Lord is going to use me in a unique way i just don’t know what that is or when.


I am looking forward to digging deeper into my relationship with God. to be more focused on remaining in His will for my life. I want my love for Jesus to shine so bright that everyone sees the light glowing from within me.

(a peek at what my weekend will look like)

imagine me set free
Session One—Can you IMAGINE??
Session Two—Peace with the Past
Session Three–Purpose and Power in the Present
Closing Challenge–Passion for the Future
Using the matchless beauty of the words found in Psalms 139, “Imagine Me… Set Free” is all about the promises of God. EVERY FREEDOM WEEKEND will send you home with:
Peace with Your Past.
Purpose in Your Present
and PASSION for your FUTURE!!
Who we were!
WHOSE we are!
Who we FOREVER will be!

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  1. The conference sounds AMAZING! Hope you had a wonderful time!


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