I’m awkward and { AWESOME }

This is my first time linking up and I am super pumped.
It’s was supposed to be posted on Thursday but I am a little behind.
better late than never right…
On to the party
1. Going to dinner at a friends house for the first time. making the husband a special dessert, super excited to tell him. then he says “don’t think I am rude when i don’t eat that. I gave up dessert for lent”, then MY husband says “Oh yeah he told me that” UGH
2. trying to get the kids in our wed night kids program to sit still and listen to the speaker. I crawl over to one and ask him to be quiet and then realize that the top of my underwear is showing. whoops. 
3. getting the courage to wear a skinny belt over a shirt. Then having someone say “that belt is so cute, it accentuates your pregnancy so well” ( I AM NOT PREGNANT)
4. running late for church, running inside to realize you wore the wrong shoes. I was wearing black, gray and pink. I put on brown leopard print flats.
5.Baby Lenny having a complete breakdown when it was time to leave a play date with the twisted sisters.

1. having one sale a day since I have opened my Etsy shop
2. remembering that I had black shoes in the car the day I wore brown ones to church, and the hubby went and got them for me. 
3. receiving the most super sweet mustard cowl in the mail from my sponsor Moda-chic-boutique. 
4. a weekend full of hanging out with great friends.
5. waking up most mornings to find a sweet text from my husband saying he loves me! that sure melts a girls heart!
6. I got to guest post on MommaGoRound. I did a tutorial on this pretty:

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  1. Love it! : )

  2. Love it!! That is so awesome about your etsy shop!! Share with me your secret!! (:

  3. Ah man, I would have killed my hubby! You are a saint! That is definately awkward, but way to handle it like a champ!

  4. Loved the tutorial on Mommagoround! I’m trying to figure out how to make a red one for my kitchen;
    red beans…check
    books with red print…hmm, working on that.

    I too have a patent red skinny belt that I love but it makes me look about 16 weeks pregnant every time I wear it. oh well.

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