if we are going to be Bloggy BFF’s …

A repost that I thought I would re-share for my newest readers! …. Original post from March 30,2011

my friend { Michelle @ Life buy the beach} recently did a post titled
Things you should know about me if we are going to be Bloggy BFF’s” and I thought…
I should do one of these too!

So here goes… ( I am hoping to not lose followers after this)

I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. Ages 10, 5, and 2
I married my high school sweetheart in 2005 (our story to be shared in a later post)
I love Jesus with all of me
I love to eat cold leftover meat, like hamburgers and steak- weird I know
I drink coffee at ALL hours of the day and NIGHT (just drank a cup at 10:30pm)
I yell when I am upset, like crazy not okay yell
I have a hard time asking for forgiveness
I am a jealous friend, even with bloggy friends ( I told you I have issues)
I am terrible at sticking to a diet/workout plan { here }
I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week
I hate having my picture taken, although I do post a lot of self portraits, go figure! { here }
I do not eat: mustard, olives or anything that lives in water
I consider coffee creamer a food group
I am excited to see the movie Tangled and HOP, even if no kids watch it with me
I can read a good 400 page chick lit book in 2 days or less
(I highly recommend this series it is AMAZING)
I struggle to read my Bible daily
I pray a lot, all day but to myself and RARELY out loud
I am funny (or least I think I am) in blog post and to close friends
but very shy in large group
I love to dance, I mean LOVE to dance, mostly by myself when no one is home
I bite my nails
I love wearing fake nails especially { these }
I spend most of my days at the beach (in the summer)
I think doing dishes is a form of torture ( we do not have a dishwasher)
I love all the items in my shop
I am blessed to have so many “followers”
I am honored that you are care about what I have to say.
I save blog comments in my email and read them when i am discouraged!
Is there something I forgot? 
Did you want to know something else?
Ask me and I’ll do a follow up post.
Also comment and let me know 3 things about you.

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