If we are going to be bloggy BFF’s…

my friend { Michelle @ Life buy the beach} recently did a post titled
Things you should know about me if we are going to be Bloggy BFF’s” and I thought…
I should do one of these too!

So here goes… ( I am hoping to not lose followers after this)

I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. Ages 10, 5, and 2
I married my high school sweetheart in 2005 (our story to be shared in a later post)
I love Jesus with all of me
I love to eat cold leftover meat, like hamburgers and steak- weird I know
I drink coffee at ALL hours of the day and NIGHT (just drank a cup at 10:30pm)
I yell when I am upset, like crazy not okay yell
I have a hard time asking for forgiveness
I am a jealous friend, even with bloggy friends ( I told you I have issues)
I am terrible at sticking to a diet/workout plan { here }
I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week
I hate having my picture taken, although I do post a lot of self portraits, go figure! { here }
I do not eat: mustard, olives or anything that lives in water
I consider coffee creamer a food group
I am excited to see the movie Tangled and HOP, even if no kids watch it with me
I can read a good 400 page chick lit book in 2 days or less
(I highly recommend this series it is AMAZING)
I struggle to read my Bible daily
I pray a lot, all day but to myself and RARELY out loud
I am funny (or least I think I am) in blog post and to close friends
but very shy in large group
I love to dance, I mean LOVE to dance, mostly by myself when no one is home
I bite my nails
I love wearing fake nails especially { these }
I spend most of my days at the beach (in the summer)
I think doing dishes is a form of torture ( we do not have a dishwasher)
I love all the items in my shop
I am blessed to have so many “followers”
I am honored that you are care about what I have to say.
I save blog comments in my email and read them when i am discouraged!
Is there something I forgot? 
Did you want to know something else?
Ask me and I’ll do a follow up post.
Also comment and let me know 3 things about you.

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  1. You are really the best BFF a blogger can have! You rock girly. I miss my fake nails sometimes. Mostly when Im going out. I love that you dance. Not me! And if we really want to get rid of the bloggers butt we need to stop thinking of creamer as a food group!

  2. I love this! You are so stinking cute! And I cannot believe you can read that fast! You-Are-Good!!

    Just Three Things?!

    I love chocolate molten lava cake!
    I could watch the Anne of Green Gables series all day every day!
    I love the taste of pepto bismol!!

    I also did a post about this on my blog! I like yours!! (:

  3. I love this!! You are too cute!
    How do you read so many flipping pages?! You are amazing!!

    Just Three?!

    I love chocolate molten lava cake!!
    I could watch the Anne of Green Gables series all day!
    I love the taste of pepto-bismol!!

  4. Girly, you are rad and we are so totally Bloggy Bff’s–especially after reading this!

  5. I’m not a fan of the word ” followers “. There’s something off putting about it. Like they should be wearing bracelets that say ” What Would Lesley Do? “
    Know what I mean? I wish you could tweak that part of blogger to read something else.
    I am all kinds of addicted to creamers. I get really excited when I find a new one like it was somehow magically made just for little old me!

  6. Totally with you on the coffee creamer! And I think you’re funny too!

  7. Hi! I’m new a follower from Momma Go Round! We could totally be bloggy bffs! I also bite my nails, that book series looks awesome (might just have to read those) I also love to dance, and I also think that doing dishes is a form of torture. That is why they seem to pile up so often in my kitchen sink!

  8. Rebekah Campbell says:

    let see… you are pretty funny I enjoy reading your blog. living so far away I still feel like I know you. 3 thing about me I despise Kenny Rodgers I don’t know why I just do. I’m addicted to diet Pepsi. and I love going to the airport and people watch. keep the blogging coming girl its wonderful.

  9. I yell, too. Loudly. Really loudly. I blame it on being Italian.

    I only wash my hair a few times a week, too. I used to cut hair and got into the habit then. It’s better for your hair!

    Coffee creamer IS a food group. I ran out today and had to use milk and dry cappuccino powder. Sigh.

  10. Oh I forgot to share three different things about me lol…just read that…
    I’m obsessed with music & singing. I have a burning desire to be a famous singer 🙂

    I love doing people’s hair & makeup but wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

    I like bbq sauce with green beans 🙂 lol. Freak I know.

  11. I love having my nails done too, makes me feel prettier 🙂 & as a the nail girl says “makes your bling bling look even prettier if that is possible” lol..you can quote me on that one lol :). I LOVE to dance too, so fun! I would love to spend most of my days at the beach! lucky! I watched tangled (with Tristen) loved it. & you are some kind of weirdo for liking cold leftover meat yuck! lol.

  12. I love this idea Chrissy and I love you! I’ll have to do this one day, too!
    I drink coffee just as you do…well coffee with my cream as Nate likes to say. I also love Diet Coke just as much. Hmmm…one more…I too save blog comments because it’s amazing how many people don’t comment and then when I see them in person they talk about how much they love my blog. It is very encouraging to get comments and feedback though! 🙂

  13. Let’s see:
    We’re one and the same when it comes to coffee AND creamer. I love it!

    I save blog comments in my email too!

    Speaking of chick lit have you read the Shopaholic series? So good and so funny!
    I posted these as a page on my blog cause I just thought they needed to stay in one place! 🙂

  14. so I am a newer follower (sorry I have not posted a comment yet) and I love your blog! We could be blogger bff’s! haha! no, but seriously- we do have a lot in common! I absolutely despise olives! blaughk! I probably wash my hair 3 times a week and I love Jesus with all my heart… definitely struggle with the bible reading as well. Such a great blog!

    Stop by mine sometime


  15. I love that you dance by yourself! I do that all the time too!

    So here are three things about me.

    I will never pass up ice cream.

    I hate my hair (even though my stylist said she would die to have it)

    I have a secret obession and watch Days of Our Lives… I know really LAME but I think I need the drama!

  16. Er, I forgot to leave 3 things! Hah. UMM. I wear “Suddenly Slim” undershirts from Target every day, it makes me feel…well…slimmer. (And I swear they work wonders. Check em out.) I have terrible handwriting – my husband’s looks better! How many people can say that!? And…I let people walk all over me on a regular basis because I don’t want anyone to be upset with me. There you go! I may have to copy you and do this same idea one of these days.

  17. We should be BFFs. Most of those, I was thinking, “MEE TOOOO!!!” Haha. Except the coffee – gotta be honest. I love the smell, but tasted it a few times and YUCK. But I still love the smell. I’ll just sniff up the ground coffee beans while you drink em. :]

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