i need you

i need you

Daily I find myself in the driver seat, heading on a mission
In the passenger seat lays my schedule , my map quest printouts, my check list , and time line of events for the day.

office passenger seat

I go about my day, following my plan, making sure to each item on my list gets checked off, tying to not disappoint anymore buy messing my the timeline.

Eventually things start to get in my way. Traffic slows me down, distractions threaten to delay my plan, and I begin to lose control

I start feeling overwhelmed, feeling defeated, like a complete failure.
Then God whispers a gentle reminder in my ear.

Psalm 16:11 ncv
“You will teach me how to live a holy life. Being with you will fill me with joy, at YOUR RIGHT HAND I will find pleasure”

I realized I left the most important thing off my list…Jesus
Seeking The Lord should have been my focus. I need to be with Jesus above all else

He whispered to me that instead of having maps, schedules, checklists, at my right hand, in the passenger seat, I needed to be at GOD’S right hand first.

I need to let God be in control. I need to sit in the passenger seat at his right hand and hold HIS lists, follow HIS schedule, and HIS plan.
As I moved over and gave God control I felt peace. peace knowing that my Father was going to take care of me. he was going to lead where I needed to go, and take me places that would benefit me and His kingdom.
As we drive along together a song plays on the radio that make me feel overwhelmed.

“Lord, I need you, Oh I need you
EVERY HOUR, I need you.
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God how I need you”

Lord i need you

myworship doodle

I find myself with eyes closed, hands lifted high, and worshiping my father. my protector. my healer. my rock. my salvation. And I NEED HIM.

I am praying that I can let go of the wheel completely and sit peacefully in the passenger seat always. Until then I will continue to pray to God and ask him to make me less so he can be more, that he will free me from these chains of control.

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