I need eyes that can see…

among all the other nonsense supplies needed for a new school year
I have to remember to take care of my children’s eyes…

3 of the 5 Boerman’s wear specs

Eye exams are important for everyone in your family – from babies to adults, and everyone in between.
Sometimes we forget that our kids need eye exams
I don’t think we need to over do it…
but did you know 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision condition that can negatively impact learning.
my oldest daughter failed her school eye exam
so we took her to the eye doctor to have a better evaluation
and sure enough someone needed reading glasses.

“Common signs of vision problems include squinting, head tilting, avoiding “close work,” trouble focusing, continuous rubbing of their eyes, headaches, etc.”

When I look back, I can see all the signs of her needing glasses; squinting, rapid eye blinking, and the constant headaches.

we are blessed that hubbies job provides affordable vision coverage
and we know not everyone had that blessing.

I still strongly recommend that you pay attention to the signs of strained eyes for your kids and your self.
word on the street is that this pin directs you to a games that gives you the chance to win free glasses!

*the top two pairs are my daughters and the last pair is mine.

what about you? are you a fours eyes cool club member too?

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