I am seeing white… cleaning stainless steel pans

cleaning stainless steal pans

I am seeing white…in my new pan that is

This past Christmas I was so fortunate to receive a set of stainless steel pots and pans. I almost cried I was so ecstatic! It’s hard to believe that as we get older we find enjoyment in such different things. I never would have thought I would long for want pots and pans. okay, back to seeing white!  I planned our next meal so that I would have to use one of the new pans. I browned some sausage for spaghetti. I cooked it on medium heat and nothing burned in the pan. I was so intimidated by these pans I anticipated things cooking too fast, lots of smoke and burnt meat!  Needless to say I succeeded in cooking my sausage correctly.
Some of you may not know this…wait for it…okay we do NOT have a dishwasher. Trust me this is not by choice. We just don’t have the space for one in our kitchen. As I mentioned before, we live in an itty-bitty a smaller sized house! Not that I am complaining, I do love my home and am very grateful the Lord has provided us with it. Okay, focus Chrissy… After dinner I was hand washing the dishes and was quite pleased at how easily the pan came clean. It was not until I was putting the dishes away after they had dried that I realized something was wrong!  Deep breath in…
My pretty new shiny pan looked like this:
Of course I was really frustrated confused. I was hesitating about showing Jake because he might wonder what I did went wrong. I searched all over the internet for the instructions that came with the pans and thankfully found an answer. It was NOT my fault. Apparently if you have a high calcium content in your water it leaves a white residue on your pan.
That’s right,simple and inexpensive. dump into your pan a TBS of Vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, use a non abrasive scrubber – wash pan then rinse.
results:  My pretty new shiny pan
Exhale…isn’t she mesmerizing!?! and how about a side by side of the before and after!

cleaning stainless steel pans

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  1. Paula you are too sweet…thanks!

  2. You’re funny! 🙂 Wow, my pans need a good scrubbing…

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