How to save Christmas Cards

how to save your christmas cards

I am like a little kid waiting for Santa the whole month of December.
I sit anxiously on the couch in front of the picture window waiting for the mail lady, hoping she is filling my mailbox with Christmas cards.

I even stop letting my kids get the mail so I can be the first one to open the cards. I love seeing family and friends beautiful pictures and reading how their latest year has been.
I hang the cards on a door in our family room so we can be reminded of all the people God has placed in our lives.

When Christmas is over and it’s time to put the decorations away, I used to get this sad feeling knowing it’s time to take down the Christmas cards. Especially the photo cards. I can’t get myself to throw someones face in the trash.

Usually I would just put them in a large envelope and place them in a keepsake tote in our attack.

Until last year when we made out first Christmas card book.
We have looked through this book so many times throughout the year. I often find myself praying over the families as I turn the page.

You too can make one of these books for only a few dollars.

christmas card book supplies

Products needed:
binder rings
hole punch
card stock or any pretty paper (could even use wrapping paper ot non picture christmas cards)
double sided tape or glue
and of course Christmas cards

Use one card as a “guide” to measure where to punch your holes.
Then stack a few cards together and punch those holes all at once.
After all the cards are punched it is time to make your covers.

Use your largest card as the template for your front/back cover.
Trace the card on your card stock, make sure to cut out 4 pieces.
Glue the backs of the paper together making it feel a little more sturdy.
I also cut out a few non photograph cards and used those to embellish the covers.

Add all the cards and covers to the jump rings and DONE.

card book using old christmas cards to make a memory book

Yup it’s that easy.
My plan is to go through all my old cards in the attic and make books out of them as well.
It’s fun seeing how much people change in one year.

Yearly Christmas card books

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?

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