How to dress H Shape (rectangle shape)

H shape

I am so thankful for all you fashion friendly girls out there.
After my last WIWW post I got some great feedback.
I learned I am an H shape
Cam sent me a URL to probably the most amazing fashion blog EVER.
I am forever in your debt Cam!
Friends if you have not been there yet
inside out blog
I am not kidding this blog has every fashion tip you need to know.
If you want to know what your body shape is I suggest visiting the post on her blog called
Body Shapes Explained – Defining Points
So here comes the photo heavy post about what I should be wearing and what I shouldn’t
based on my body shape… H

First let’s start off with an explanation of my body type: here is her full post

Your hips and shoulders are pretty much the same width (you can measure them if you’d like to check), but your waist measurement is less than 9″ smaller than your hip/shoulder measurements.

Here are a few examples of celebrities with my body shape (not necessarily weight but shape people)

H Shape – Anne Hathaway

H Shape – Rosario Dawson

Now what not to wear: she describes it so well in her post Don’t Waste Your Money – H Shape

  1. Waisted garments and those with detail at the waist.
  2. Pockets on or near the waist.
  3. Bands on jumpers (sweaters) at the waist
  4. Gathered, paperbag or pleats at the waist
  5. Double breasted trench coats.

Plus just don’t bother to tuck tops in, it rarely works.

Now for the best Part.. what I can wear!

I apparently have the same body top as the blogger herself {score} so when she posts about her outfits it’s a bonus for me! I loved this post What’s My Style? Dressing my H shape (no waist) busty body

Her post How to Stay Cool and Stylish was so helpful for our crazy Michigan weather.

one of 3 of my favorite posts was Where to end your top . this is big pitfall of mine.
I have definitely been doing this one all wrong! Yikes!

Where to end tops

After Last weeks belting and cardigan disaster theses next two tips are like angels singing from heaven!
How to choose a flattering cardigan

Clockwise from top left
the stripy cardigan is great for I shapes, the wide stripes will add curves as will the pocket detail which will add width to your hips.
The white cardian with black waist detail will give you the illusion of a lovely waist, the striped cuff details will make your hips look curvier.
The grey with feather neckline cardigan is great for 8, X and A shapes who can all highlight their small waists with a belt, the feathers draw attention up toward you face.
The peach cardigan with ruched sleeves is best for A and 8 shapes who have narrower shoulders and want to balance their hips whilst still drawing attention their small waists.
The black cardigan with the asymmetrical hem is fantastic for A and X shapes who want to deflect from their hips.
The red and grey cardigans in the middle are great for those with less of a waisted shape, O, Hs and Vs. The long open line creates flattering verticals that elongate a shorter torso.
The long peach cardigan is great for Xs,8s and As, the tie at the waist highlights your waist, the longer length camouflages your bottom.
As and 8s with narrower shoulders will look great in the white cardigan with shoulder detail.
The green and grey cardigans are great for smaller busted women as the high necklines will flatter.
The blue/grey cardigan with asymmetric wide collar works for Hs and As, as does the red cardigan with ruffle detail.
My favorite sweater H shape approved sweaters
here, here, here, here  and here

How to Wear a Belt when You Don’t Have a Waist

Option 1 is to wear it low down on my hips rather than at my waist.  Preferably with a curved belt that sits higher at the waist and drops down lower at the front.  It’s best if the belt isn’t a high contrast to the clothes you are wearing it over, so it doesn’t make too dominant a horizontal  line.
Option 2 is to create an optical illusion, with a belt underneath a jacket (but be warned, you can’t take off the jacket without losing that lovely bit of magic.  It can be a high contrast to your clothing colors.  The effect of the open jacket is that it creates a very short, and thus slimming horizontal line.

and here area  few extras I found after browsing her polyvore boards for about an hour!

flat butt
shapes and styles
Now to go and browse through my clothes and toss out all that does nothing for me!
This is going to be a slow and painful process but I look forward to the change
What do you think? have you been to her blog before? 
Will you go now?
I would love to hear your suggestions and tips!

** update: part two on how to dress my H shape aka rectangle shape body can be found here **

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  1. I have no idea what shape I am, I’ll be going to check that out! I know I’m very curvy and I love the outfit at the bottom with the green cardi and skirt!

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  18. Love this guide! I find if people dress for their body shape they look so much better!

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