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how life is lately

Happy Friday friend. I am glad you stopped by today. I wanted to take a few minutes and share what how life is going this week.

This has been one of those weeks that make my mind spin in circles. There have been times when I am not even sure what day it actually is.

Normally we are really good about not scheduling too many things into one week. Although, there are circumstances when it’s unavoidable.

DIY spring center piece

Each older kid started track. Which means practice, multiple times a week, at different schools and of course completely different times of the day. Needless to say I am once again a mom taxi. Please do not take that as complaining, I am so glad that both kids chose to participate in a very active sport. I love that they are both trying something new to them and really pushing themselves to do their best.

Tweet: And that is all we ask of them. Give it your all, do it all for the glory of Christ.

I am almost finished with my closet office. I just have to pick up a cable I ordered tomorrow and I can finally move the actual PC over.

school command center

I was so tired of Nancy having to leave his weekly homework folder on the counter in the kitchen (so we would not lose it) I created a quick “school” center. I just nailed up a little mental basket i bought at 40% off at Hobby Lobby, hung my little postal box turned note holder up, and then hung a calendar we got from a local charity. On your left hand side there I added a few wire strands and clothespins to hang artwork, awards and pictures.

whip cream and graham cracker snack

I have been trying to do better at the snacks I eat during the day. Lately though I have been in love with dipping graham crackers in whip-cream. YUM-O. Of course I only eat this during nap time so I do not have to share.

Wish me luck, Frank is having her 13th birthday party this weekend. Yup 10 tweens/teens sleeping in the same house, eating candy, staying up way too late, and being grumps in the morning! I have a fun craft planned and of course painting nails!

What’s life been throwing at you this week? What’s your go to snack when the littles are napping-or you are alone?

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  1. Not sure it’s healthy, but I love to eat a banana with Nutella on it. Or slice a banana, and eat it with peanut butter and coconut. Mmmm. And happy birthday to Frank! How does it feel being a mom of a teen?

  2. I can not believe that you have a 13 year old. I’m sure they will have a blast. xo

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